YA Novel 'Burn' Gets a Trailer

A preview of the new sequel to 'Scan' about two teens evading a group of ruthless aliens.

The trailer for Burn, the sequel to 2014's YA action novel Scan, has debuted. 

The video features protagonist Tate Archer and his girlfriend Christina evading a group of ruthless aliens who have the appearance of humans, in a thrilling car chase. Tate uses his savvy ingenuity to craft explosives from oranges and lighter fluid to evade their pursuers.

The polished look of this slick trailer was done by VFX house Third Floor, using pre-vis (a first for a book trailer) to achieve the high-end looking animation of the finished product.

Burn picks up where Scan left off, with Tate using the clues his father left him to uncover the truth about the alien threat to the planet and the key to saving the world. 

Divergent producer Pouya Shahbazian (using the pen name of Walter Jury) and writer Sarah Fine penned the story.

Shahbazian was profiled in THR's Next Gen "35 under 35" in 2013. In addition to his work as a writer/producer he is also the literary manager at New Leaf Literary & Media. 

Burn went on sale May 12.