'Now You See Me' Trailer is a Magical Turn for Jesse Eisenberg (Video)

Jesse Eisenberg Now You See Me Trailer H 2012
A high-powered cast -- including Woody Harrelson and Mark Ruffalo -- highlights what is a populist tale with Las Vegas flourish.

Here's a little gift for the revving marketing machine beind Now You See Me: the Twitter hashtag #OccupyMagic.

The first trailer for the action-illusion-comedy (a new genre is born every day) has hit the web, putting at the fore a Jesse Eisenberg that combines his sneering genius Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network with a bit of David Blaine and people-powered Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (and maybe a touch of Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man, for good measure).

Eisenberg plays a Vegas magician who leads a team of illusionists (including Isla Fiser and Woody Harrelson) that rob banks mid-performance, showering the audience with cash and monologues tearing into the guilded corporate leaders and bankers that helped cause the recent financial meltdown.

On his trail is an FBI agent played by Mark Ruffalo, who pits his grit and determination against Eisenberg's slick slight of hand and cocky demeanor.

The film is scheduled to hit theaters in June.