'Young Justice' Prequel Comic Book Coming to DC Universe

Young Justice Still - Publicity - H 2018
Courtesy of Cartoon Network
'Outsiders' will be written by showrunner Greg Weisman.

The DC Universe panel at the ongoing New York Comic Con was all about answering fan questions — including when the first original comic book content for the all-inclusive streaming service would debut. The answer is 2019, when a prequel to the animated Young Justice: Outsiders will appear, exclusive to DCU.

The prequel will be written by Greg Weisman, showrunner and executive producer of the animated series, according to DC Entertainment chief creative officer Jim Lee, who appeared onstage alongside Stargirl and Titans executive producer Geoff Johns, Warner Bros. Digital senior vp Sam Ades, Warner Bros. Digital Labs vp Rob Kamphausen and Warner Bros Digital Labs GM Patty Hirsch.

Thursday's announcement of the exclusive comic content came after Ades revealed that the first two seasons of the animated Young Justice are by far the most watched video content on the service so far — followed by the Death of Superman animated movie, which is getting a sequel, Reign of the Supermen, debuting on the service in 2019. That debut will be accompanied by an animated version of the fan-favorite comic book storyline, Batman: Hush. Specific dates for both premieres will be released in coming months.

Other additions to the service announced at the panel include the 1984 Supergirl movie, which will be added Friday, and the Syfy series Krypton, which will be added as a streaming exclusive in early 2019.

The focus on the panel wasn’t just promoting upcoming content on the service; it was also on promoting the community aspect of DC Universe, with Hirsch telling the crowd, “This is our first pass at it, but this is an evolving project. We want to hear from you guys. Out of everything we do, this is the most vocal fan base and we want to hear from you guys.”

Added Ades, “The fans are making it their own, you’re telling us what’s working, what’s not working, what to change next. That’s exactly what we need. We’re paying attention to what you’re saying. We’ve been really, really thrilled.”

To emphasize Warner Bros.’ commitment to the service, all attendees of the panel were given a year’s subscription to DC Universe. With the majority of the audience having already identified themselves as subscribers, Ades said, “Give them to your friends. This is all about community. We want to make this grow.”

New York Comic Con continues at the Javits Center through Sunday.