Zachary Quinto Teases George Stephanopoulos for 'Star Wars' Spock Mix-Up

Zachary Quinto visited Good Morning America on Thursday, and the interview got off to a bit of a rough start for George Stephanopoulos.

A major nerd blunder occurred when the ABC journalist introduced the Spock actor from the wrong sci-fi franchise. 

"Here now with Zachary Quinto, you know him as Spock from Star Wars…" Stephanopoulos began before being abruptly cut off by the actor. "Star Trek, George. Star Trek." 

A few audience members also chimed in to correct Stephanopoulos, who was clearly embarrassed by the mistake. 

"On my gosh," he began with a face-palm. "I am going to get so much hate mail on Twitter." 

Stephanopoulos pleaded with Quinto to get him out of the nerd jam but to no avail. 

"Can you absolve me right now?" he asked the actor. "I'm out of this," Quinto quipped, adding, "I'm joking. Of course, of course. It's an honest mistake." 

The two then switched gears to talk about Quinto's upcoming project, In Search Of, a doc series that begins July 20 on the History channel. Quinto hosts and executive produces the series revamp, which was originally hosted by his Star Trek pal and parallel, the late Leonard Nimoy, from 1976 to 1982.