Zack Snyder Shares an All-New Batfleck Photo

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Following on his Superman image from Wednesday, the "Batman v. Superman" director has now posted a new portrait of Ben Affleck as the latest Dark Knight.

Clearly, Zack Snyder’s Twitter account is one to pay attention to during Comic-Con 2014.

Following Wednesday’s tweeted image of Man of Steel star Henry Cavill dressed as a Jedi Knight version of Superman, the director of 2016’s Batman v. Superman has shared a new image of Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight from the upcoming movie.

Unlike his earlier tweeted image, this time we see the character in color — for what little it matters, considering Batman’s traditionally limited palette — and closer up, revealing a bestubbled guardian of Gotham City giving the poor (unnamed) photographer a grim amount of side-eye.

Accompanying the image was simply the text “#75,” referring to the 75th anniversary of the DC Entertainment character, celebrated most recently yesterday with a number of events marking what DC had declared “Batman Day.”

Given the fact that Snyder has now tweeted images of Superman and Batman, is it too much to hope for a first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman before the convention is over? Instead of looking to the skies, perhaps we should all keep our eyes on Twitter for the time being. If nothing else, you can see Dwayne Johnson double-down on his Shazam hints from the other day …

See the tweet below.