Zombie Comic ‘Year Zero’ Getting Second Volume

Year Zero Vol. 2 Announcement- Publicity - H 2020
Juan Jose RyP and Frank Martin/AWA
Writer Benjamin Percy returns for the pandemic thriller centering on how humans respond to the undead.

As every horror fan knows, the zombie outbreak cannot be stopped — and Artists, Writers & Artisans will deliver on that promise with a new series of its zombie property Year Zero launching this November.

A new take on the zombie apocalypse idea, Year Zero looks at an undead pandemic by focusing on small stories across the world as individuals struggle to come to terms with what’s happening — allowing the series as a whole to explore different moral (and existential) questions relating to the relentless, shambling threat.

"In Year Zero Vol. 1, we witnessed the fall of the world, and in volume 2, we come to understand that the end is just the beginning,” writer Benjamin Percy told The Hollywood Reporter. “Our characters span the globe — from the American suburbs to coastal Norway, from a hilltop compound in Colombia to the savannah of Rwanda — and the fractured design reflects a fractured world, something we can relate to all too well right now."

The second volume, launching in November, sees the returning Percy team with new series artist Juan Jose RyP to introduce a number of new characters from across the world, as Percy hints, and THR can tease appearances by the following…

Ismael, from Rwanda

Hallie, from Norway

Tina, from Phoenix, AZ

"This is a limitless story universe we're building, and I'm so lucky to have partnered with both Juan Jose RyP — a brilliant artist who is as talented with blockbuster action as he is quiet, emotive moments — and Frank Martin, who is one of the best colorists in the business and adds so much atmosphere and life to the page,” Percy said. “Horror awaits you, readers. But so does hope."

RyP (Britannia) shares his collaborator’s enthusiasm for the project. "It is an honor to be a part of Year Zero Vol 2,” he said. “I really enjoy building this unique world that Benjamin has created, and I know that the readers will connect with this story as much as I do…Year Zero is truly 'Death Metal.'"

Artists, Writers & Artisans chief creative officer Axel Alonso added, “Year Zero was always too big to be contained in one story arc. Volume Two picks up a few months after the events of Volume One, with five new stories of individuals from around the world doing their best to navigate a world where the shambling dead are just one of the dangers they must survive. You’ll root for some, you’ll root against others. Ben Percy is taking a truly global look at a world that’s been abandoned by God.”

Notably, Year Zero is the first AWA series to earn a second volume.

Year Zero, Vol. 2 launches Nov. 4, a month after the Oct. 7 release date for the collected edition for Year Zero, Vol. 1.