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10 Worst 'American Idol' Performance Outfits

In light of Pia Toscano's elimination, which some blamed on an unflattering L.A.M.B. jumpsuit, we investigate the most questionable moments of Idol's fashion past.

allison iraheta dont speak performance
Season 8's Allison Iraheta

We put it out there: was Pia Toscano's outfit to blame for her elimination? And is Gwen Stefani, who styled the girls this week in her L.A.M.B. line, partly responsible? You'd be surprised at how many times Gwen and her band No Doubt have been affiliated with some of Idol's least flattering outfits -- we certainly were (though it should be noted that show stylist Soyon is an Emmy winner). So how much does clothing really matter when it comes to an American Idol performance? Idol Worship counts down the show's 10 worst looks. 

10. Clay Aiken “Always and Forever” (Season 2)

If anyone was screaming for a stylist, it was Clay Aiken. Randy Jackson even told him to work on it, and Clay didn’t improve much in Hollywood. But if anything, this early audition clip proves that even a bad fashion choice like a hideous striped shirt can’t hide raw vocal talent.
9. Jennifer Hudson “I Believe In You and Me” (Season 3)
J Hud had a ways to go before she learned how to be red carpet-ready, but why dress for a red carpet while on Idol? And what's up with the pink headband? Even Randy, who rarely judged outfits by this point in the Top 24 (the wild card round) hated the outfit.
8. Sanjaya Malaker “Bathwater” (Season 6)
Ah, the famous "pony-hawk." There are no words, except for Simon Cowell’s quip that a mirror was missing in Sanjaya’s dressing room. We couldn't agree more. But it is curious that this tragic look came about during the week whose theme was the music of No Doubt and songs that inspired Gwen Stefani.

7. Carrie Underwood “MacArthur Park” (Season 4)
Before there was Toddlers and Tiaras, Carrie sported this flowery look as she belted a Donna Summer classic for 1970s Dance Music week. Too bad the top looked like a pink frosted birthday cake.
6. Scott Savol “You Are My Lady” (Season 4)
Simon said it best: Scott Savol didn’t look like an American Idol, and his shirt didn't do him any favors. Rather, the original Scotty (dubbed Scotty the Body) looked like he was ready for a good time with his bowling league rather than a night on stage.

5. Gina Glockson "I’ll Stand By You" (Season 6)
Another entry from No Doubt/Songs that Inspired Gwen Stefani week, only this was Gina Glocksen's best performance ever. Still, it has to asked: WHAT was she wearing? Paula said she looked fantastic, Randy loved the boots, but we take serious issue with that silver thing.
4. Melinda Doolittle “Heaven Knows” (Season 6)
Again, Gwen week (pattern here?), and while vocally, Melinda delivered one of her best performances, Simon hated the loud, ill-fitting blue patterned silk blouse.
3. Jordin Sparks “Hey Baby” (Season 6)
We get what she was going for here, but it didn’t really work with a shirt that looked like a tablecloth. Again, Gwen week, though it didn't hurt Jordin any -- she went on to win Season 6.

2. Mandisa “Any Man of Mine” (Season 5)
Um... no. Just no. Why Mandisa felt compelled to wear an afghan rug for Country week is beyond us, but it's little surprise that the powerhouse belter was eliminated after performing the Shania Twain classic -- a song that's been a challenge for many an Idol, from season 9's Siobhan Magnus to season 10's Lauren Alaina.  
1. Alison Iraheta “Don’t Speak” (Season 8)
The theme was popular downloads, but what is it about No Doubt songs that bring out a tragic kingdom of bad fashion choices? Here, season 9's last girl standing gave off a Bedrock vibe -- as in, The Flinstones. "It looks like something out of the Addams Family," Simon cracked. "Tonight's theme is Halloween."