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Adam Lambert’s Second Album Slated for First Quarter Release

The popular "American Idol" alum updates fans on Twitter, while execs from his label tell THR the album was delayed until February or March "because the creative process is still unfolding."

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RCA Records

Last week was a whirlwind over at RCA Records as the company officially confirmed it was absorbing storied labels Arista, Jive and J. Among the casualties of consolidation: American Idol winner Lee DeWyze, whose option for future recordings was not picked up.  

But the restructuring still leaves plenty of active Idols on the roster, including season 1 victor Kelly Clarkson, whose new album Stronger comes out Oct. 21, season 5 finalist Chris Daughtry, whose latest, Break the Spell, is due Nov. 21, and season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert, one of the biggest non-winner success stories to emerge from the show. 

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Lambert’s second studio album has been among the most anticipated releases of 2012, thanks in large part to the success of his debut, For Your Entertainment, which is thisclose to being certified platinum for sales in excess of one million units. But the follow-up has seen a few delays: first, when Lambert switched management in the middle of the recording cycle, and again, by his own admission, because of his “perfectionist” nature. 

“Here's the deal: there have been a couple of creative set backs on the first single,” he tweeted on Sunday. “Mainly cuz I'm a perfectionist. Ha. Seems as though the single will explode in November. I'm sorry for the delay- but trust me, it's worth it.” He also wrote, "as of now, album will be released in the spring. Feb/march?"

RCA Records COO Tom Corson echoed that sentiment, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “We moved the album back because the creative process is still unfolding.” The executive notes that it’s “not because we’re not excited about what we’ve got, we just think we can top it, but we’re right there on the cusp.”

For his part, Lambert has been tweeting semi-regular updates on his Twitter feed and even revealing snippets of lyrics, such as: “Lost inside communication breakdown / Better just read my lips / Comin' in clearer when we get down / Iceberg / Just the tip" and "All along, I tried to pretend it didn't matter if I was alone."

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It’s been noted that Lambert is “taking the reins” on this album much more so than on his debut, and Corson concurred: “Adam is definitely more involved than ever and I think he's really enjoying that. Those first records when you come off of Idol, the timelines are really tight, so it's an artificial experience. Now he has room to breathe and time, he doesn't have to come off TV, onto a tour and then have an album out for Christmas.”

On the other hand, RCA CEO Peter Edge opined that American Idol was the perfect platform for an artist like Lambert. “Adam is a great example [of how] when you're right for that kind of format, it's a fast way to get attention,” he told THR. “I don't know that Adam Lambert would have found it easy to get a record deal, but from the show, you saw how unique he was, what a great voice and great performer he was. That would have been very hard to do through conventional ways.”

So when will his as-yet-to-be-titled full-length possibly see a release date? “February, March -- somewhere in there,” says Corson. “Definitely first quarter.”

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