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'American Idol' Finalist Amber Holcomb on Her Elimination, Unfair Themes

The season 12 fourth placer suggests an alternate show that allows former contestants another chance to redeem themselves.

Amber Holcomb American Idol portrait L
Michael Becker / Fox

When Amber Holcomb begins her journey home to Texas, she’ll be taking a piece of American Idol with her -- or a few dozen.

Holcomb revealed that in the rare moments of spare time that she had, she spent it shoe shopping, and even snagged a few pairs from the Idol wardrobe closet. How will she transport all of that footwear? Kree Harrison to the rescue.

“Kree let me borrow her suitcase,” said the 19-year old singer.

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Speaking with reporters Friday afternoon, Holcomb sounded in better spirits than when her elimination was revealed on Thursday night’s results show. She said that she was “emotional” even after the cameras stopped rolling, and needed to compose herself before entering the press tent for her final rounds of interviews.

“It was really overwhelming being in the press tent and knowing I won’t be seeing them again ...  This is, like, the end,” she said. “I’m not even going to lie. I really did feel like I was the next to go and I was really sad, but at the same time I told myself that I get to go on tour.”

Holcomb -- who is hoping for a big career that includes Grammy Awards, hit singles, and a role on Glee -- even has an idea how to get herself back onto the Idol stage. She believes producers should create an alternate show where one or two singers from each season is brought back to compete and “battle it out.”

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And who would she want on that show? Said Holcomb: "Joshua Ledet, Jessica Sanchez and me! We should all get a second chance."

And if that second chance happens, Holcomb believes there are a few things the show should fix. For instance, she feels that the category of “Songs From 2013” was limited due to the fact that there was only four months worth of songs to choose from. “The themes should be more negotiable,” she said.

And what of the finale? Lazaro Arbos already said he wants to duet with Cher, and there are rumors of Jennifer Hudson and Adam Lambert returning to the show. Who would Holcomb want for a duet partner?

“I would be happy with anybody,” she said. “I think whoever is in charge of that knows me and knows what would excite me and make me happy."

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