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'Idol' Alum Kimberly Caldwell on New Single, Loving Season 13's 'Brutal Honesty' (Q&A)

The season two finalist also reveals her fiance's "man crush" on judge Harry Connick Jr.

Kimberly Caldwell 2014 P

Days after American Idol season two alum Kimberly Caldwell unveiled her new single "On the Weekend" via VevoThe Hollywood Reporter caught up with the always-vivacious artist.

How did "On the Weekend" come about?

I co-wrote it with my buddies Andrew Dixon and Brian Dennis because I kept hearing my sister and friends griping about their nine to five jobs, and realized how crucial the weekend was to their sanity. They are all buttoned up and professional Monday through Friday, then they transform into bad-asses once they clock out. Seemed like they needed a weekend anthem, so they were the inspiration for the song. 

Where and when did you record it and who produced it?

Andrew has a home studio in Tarzana, Calif. and he and Brian both produced the record. I was blown away when I showed up the day after we finished the lyrics and melody and they played the track. The intensity matched the vibe perfectly. It was brilliant. The fact that, "On the weekend, I'm a f---ing rockstar" rhymed while we were developing the lyrics for the song seemed hysterical to me. I said, "We can't say that!" Then I thought, "Why the hell not?!" It stuck! My grandma and my little nieces only get the radio version though. Haha.

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Is it being issued by a label, or by you? Where is it available? And have you recorded more tracks?

My manager, Anthony Cordova, and I are like the modern day Jerry Maguire and Cuba Gooding Jr.  It was self-released on the Story Road Entertainment label. We are lucky to have so many friends in the industry who believe in me as well. "On the Weekend" is available for purchase on iTunes and available to stream on Spotify and all the other major music digital sites, along with two of my other tracks that were all written and produced by Dixon, Dennis and myself. "Doin' Me Right" is a fun, upbeat '80s dance song and "Tied Together" is a song inspired by my little sister and all of my other LGBT family and friends that continue to support me. This is my song to them showing my unwavering loyalty. 

Videos don't come cheap, especially one with such high-production value. Who financed the clip and who conceived it? 

My manager is behind getting the song premiered on the front page of Vevo and getting the video sponsored by my friends at Thermafuse Hair Care. Perfect team for our geek-to-chic makeovers in the Glam Van. I wrote the treatment for the video and our boys at Let Em Have It Productions, Clint Gregory and Terry Corso [of Alien Ant Farm], brought my vision to life. We shot it in Riverside, Calif., a couple of months ago and I did all the styling of the cast myself. My onscreen and offscreen glam squad is made up of my besties, my little sister Kristy, my best friend Tunde (who did all of the makeup), and American Idol season four finalist, Mikalah Gordon, plus my boy Patrick from Homorazzi who was perfect for his role as my nerdy coworker and his fierce rockstar alter ego. My favorite scene to shoot was our ode to Office Space when I smashed the fax machine with a bat.

What else is going on in your life right now? 

I have my own column in Sophisticates Hairstyle Guide, the number one selling hair magazine in the world, and am developing my own leather hair accessory line inspired by my handmade leather handbag line, Stage Presents. I have also been very busy planning my New Year’s Eve wedding [to longtime boyfriend, Jordan Harvey, a veteran of Major League Soccer currently defending for the Vancouver Whitecaps].

Are you watching season 13 of Idol and what do you think of it?

This is the first year in so long that I have really gotten invested in Idol again! I love the judges panel! My fiancé has a man crush on Harry Connick Jr.  He's such a breath of fresh air! Love the brutal honesty! The talent is fantastic too! I can't wait to see who makes the top 13! 

Twitter: @Idol_Worship