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'American Idol' Alum Siobhan Magnus To Front '90s Supergroup

The season nine finalist teams up with members of Everclear, Godsmack, Candlebox and Third Eye Blind, promising to "bring new life" to some of the decade's biggest radio hits.

Siobhan Magnus live Seaport 2012 P

Ask Siobhan Magnus which decade had the greatest soundtrack ever and she doesn’t even hesitate: the era that gave us grunge.

“Nineties rock is the best time in modern music,” the season nine finalist (who was actually born in 1990) tells The Hollywood Reporter. So you could say it’s a dream come true that Magnus, who possessed one of the fiercest wails this side of Adam Lambert, has been asked to front a ‘90s supergroup of sorts.

Magnus is the new lead singer of Doubtful Guest, a band comprised of bassist Sammy Hudson (Everclear), drummer Tommy Stewart (Godsmack, Fuel), guitarist Peter Klett (Candlebox) and guitarist Tony Fredianelli (Third Eye Blind).

The newly minted rock outfit will hit the ground running in February with a debut showcase, and hopes to be road-ready in March.

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What can fans expect? The 22-year old Barnstable, Mass. native is pleased to report that her arena rock vocals are ready for a workout, which they'll surely get as she belts out hits representative of each band member. Think: the full-on crescendo of Candlebox’s anthemic “Far Behind,” Third Eye Blind’s “Semi-Charmed Life,” Everclear’s “Santa Monica” or Godsmack’s “Voodoo" and you get the picture.

“The set will be carefully selected ‘90s rock songs, with some alt-rock music re-invented,” she says. “The arrangements will bring new life to the songs.” The group is also working on original material. “I am so excited -- they are all very experienced players,” Magnus adds.

The idea of the band first formed back in August when Magnus performed a sold-out show at famed Cape Cod venue Melody Tent. Magnus’ band needed a bass player, and Michael Flanders, producer of her debut CD Moonbaby, was acquainted with Everclear's Hudson from Nashville.

After Magnus’ electrifying show, where she's known to rock out to songs like “Love Gun” by KISS and Led Zeppelin's "All of My Love," Hudson presented her with his idea of a girl-fronted band belting out male-oriented ‘90s rock songs.

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“I said, 'Are you kidding? Of course I would do that,'” she says.

The group’s name, Doubtful Guest. is even more exciting to Magnus as it's named for macabre illustrator Edward Gorey, one of her favorites. She says the name fits the band perfectly.

“It works on so many levels,” she elaborates. “We are all outcasts from something. Only Peter still plays in Candlebox. Then you throw American Idol on top of it, and it’s, like, 'What are you doing?' ”

Magnus says the group will launch a Kickstarter campaign where supporters can pledge financial support for the project, as well as actively choose song lists, recordings, venues and towns for the band to visit.

“I had one record, but I put it out independently, and these guys sold millions of records combined,” she said. “With Idol, there were 30 million people watching, so who knows where this will lead?”

What do you think Worshippers? Are you stoked for Siobhan Magnus' return?

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