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'American Idol' Alum Trenyce Makes Movie Debut in 'Kick-Ass 2'

The season two finalist plays hit-girl’s cheerleading coach in the Jeff Wadlow-directed action-comedy.

Trenyce Jim Carrey P
Courtesy of Trenyce Cobbins
Trenyce with Jim Carrey

Trenyce, who sang her way into the top five on season two of American Idol, can be seen on movie screens all over America this weekend playing the part of Hit-Girl’s cheerleading coach in Kick-Ass 2. How did her casting in the Jeff Wadlow-directed action-comedy come to be?

Currently starring on stage in the West End production of Thriller Live, Trenyce says she was in London when she received a phone call from her agent suggesting she audition for a part in the Kick-Ass sequel. “My agent said there was a role for a ‘Sue Sylvester’ type, roughly in her 40s, and I laughed, because I didn’t fit the description,” Trenyce tells The Hollywood Reporter.

Her agent convinced her to audition anyway and told her to wear a track suit. “I didn’t own one, so I bought one specifically for the audition. Soon after, I was in my dressing room at the theater when I got a call that I had booked the role. I couldn’t believe it! I just kept saying, ‘Really?! Are you sure?’ and my agent was laughing because I was so shocked. I still have the track suit, as a reminder to always go for the role even if you don’t fit the brief.”

Trenyce had not seen the first Kick-Ass movie when she tried out. “I went home that evening and watched it, because I was completely unfamiliar with it. “Once I saw it was from Marvel Comics, I was sold. I also loved the offbeat humor and over-the-top fusion of fight scenes and gore.”

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While she has acted on stage in the musical Ain’t Misbehavin’ and her current gig in the Michael Jackson tribute show, this is Trenyce’s first feature film. “I wouldn’t have dreamed in a million years of being in the same film as Jim Carrey. The experience was perfect -- exactly what I imagined it would be. The cast and crew were sweet and professional. I filmed for only two days at a grade school in London last October, but I became very attached to seeing the cast and crew. I had my own trailer and showed up on the set pretty early in the morning. I was there until I had to go to my evening gig in the West End. No one from Thriller Live knew I was shooting the movie until after it was completed. The cast was very shocked and excited.”

Trenyce was most impressed with the actress who stars as Hit-Girl, Chloë Grace Moretz. “I told her how amazingly focused she was. She has this presence and air about her. She can hang with the adults in a conversation as well as maintain her childlike innocence, which you see in the movie, as well. In between scenes we chatted about my nails – I know, girlie stuff. But when the director yelled, ‘Action!,’ she switched into this incredible ball of vulnerability. She is going to be Hollywood’s next ‘It-Girl.’”

Trenyce had a chat with another actor in the film. “After we wrapped, Jim Carrey invited the entire cast on a boat, and that’s when I met him for the first time. He took the time to walk around and have a 10-minute chat with every person on the boat, which I found incredibly endearing. Someone I admired my whole life was introducing himself with a handshake, saying, ‘Hi, my name is Jim,’ as if I didn’t know. Later, when the karaoke party started, I sang and was lucky enough to spank Jim’s ass! It was one of the coolest days of my life.”

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With one film role under her belt, Trenyce is looking forward to more acting jobs. “I was bitten by the acting bug long ago, and shooting Kick-Ass has resurrected that desire. I would love to have a role that requires me to be the complete opposite of myself, like a villain or a superhero. I’d love to play a biographical character, like Diana Ross or Whitney Houston.”

The Idol finalist is still enjoying her West End run in Thriller Live. “I love that I am able to have a job that I love doing and really don’t call ‘work,’ and still manage to audition for movies, TV and commercials. I’m meeting interesting people in the business, singing at great clubs around the city and finding the time to see how great London actually is.”

There’s more on Trenyce’s plate besides theater and films. “I just made a deal with a company to design my own headphones. I am still recording music and getting a lot of gigs based on the music on my Soundcloud and YouTube channels. I’m putting a band together and releasing music to my fans on a bi-weekly basis and I’m shooting a music video for one of my songs. Who knows what else will pop up -- I’m constantly auditioning. I’m so grateful for all of it.”

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