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'American Idol' Burning Questions: Had Joshua Ledet Really Never Heard of Billy Joel Before? Did Tommy Hilfiger Take Skylar Laine's Boots Away?

Plus: did Phillip Phillips come up with his own version of the Diddy dance? THR gets to the bottom of this week's hot topics.

Joshua Ledet

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With a wide range of songs in the Billy Joel catalog, there was plenty to pick from for every one of American Idol's Top 10, and regardless of whether the finalists were more Fenway or Yankee Stadium, most really knocked it out of the park. However, a couple struggled, with several claiming to never have heard a song by the Piano Man before (really?). Still, the mood backstage was positive and Colton Dixon’s performance was the hot topic of the night. What else were Idol fans wondering about? Read on... 

Had Josh Ledet really never heard of Billy Joel's music before? "I honestly never heard of Billy Joel," last week's frontrunner tells THR. "I didn’t know anything about him. The songs were totally not my style and genre, so hard to choose. It was just a tough week for me."

Heejun Han's glasses: are they real or not? "These are real," Han says. "I have some other ones that are not real. It's not a fashion thing, but it’s like a shield that I always have one when I’m on stage. Like some people have the guitar as a shield, I have my glasses."

Was Hollie Cavanagh a little bit outside of her comfort zone on Joel's "Honesty"? In a word: yes. "I didn’t even know the song, so I learned it very quickly," she says. "I don’t think it was my best performance. Hopefully if I get through, next week I can bring my A-game."

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Was DeAndre Brackensick nervous around Diddy? For the most part, the 17-year-old kept his cool, though he admits, "It was intimidating at first because it was Diddy and he’s a really good producer. But he just told me to have fun and I did that. I had so much fun."

Did Jessica Sanchez ever dream about being anything other than a singer? Not surprisingly, no. "This is the one thing that I’ve always dreamed of being," she declares.

What are Colton Dixon's plans for his hair? (If image consultant Tommy Hilfiger had his way, he'd cut it.) "The hair is not different this week, but I’ve got something up my sleeve for next week," the emo rocker teases. " It’s something I wanted to do previous to the Tommy Hilfiger meeting. I thought it was funny he said that. But yeah, it’s going to be different for next week. I’m excited."

Will one of Elise Testone's students be in the next generation of American Idol? "I absolutely think so and that’s why I invited them out here because they both don't want to do anything but music. They’re amazing musicians at such a young age and they've inspired me to get better also," the voice coach from South Carolina gushes about the two students who joined her onstage following her acclaimed rendition of "Vienna."

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Did Phillip Phillips come up with his own version of the Diddy dance? "He was making me sing to those girls, which was awkward," confesses the low-key Georgia rocker. "I only sing to certain people. And he was trying to make me dance and I can groove, you know, when I’m in the music. But I am not trying do anything else like he was trying to make me do."

Did Tommy Hilfiger take Skylar Laine's boots away? Although the designer wanted to do away with the aspiring country singer's fringed footwear, she was allowed to take them home. "I’ve been wearing high heels for the last few weeks now," says Laine, who donned platform pumps for her performance of "Shameless. "I mean, I wear boots everyday that are lower-heeled and if I wear them on stage they don’t make me look as tall. I'm a really short person so I want to elongate my body more, so they put me in heels. I do it for that two minutes and then I’m like, 'oh I’ve got to get these things off.'"

Is Erika Van Pelt an honorary New Yorker now that she sang (and nailed) "New York State of Mind?" A resounding yes, courtesy of the 26-year-old Rhode Islander. "Absolutely! Here’s the funny thing, I have huge emotional ties to New York. My cousin Brian is a New York firefighter, engine 231 in Brooklyn. I have a ton of family in New York. I’m only three hours from there, where I am in Rhode Island. It’s like right next-door. I go to the city all the time. I really do love it. I’m not a Yankee hater. As a lifelong Red Sox fan, I actually love the rivalry. And the New York Yankees are a great ball club. So it was funny, I had to make a joke about it."

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