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'American Idol' Burning Questions: Who Is Hollie Cavanagh’s Footballer Crush? How Did Phillip Phillips React to Jennifer Lopez Calling Him Sexy?

Plus: What is the deciding factor in Colton Dixon’s next hair color adventure? Who does Skylar Laine hope tuned in Wednesday? THR has the answers...

American Idol Hollie Cavanaugh Performs March 14 - H 2012
Carin Baer/FOX

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With the "Now and Then" theme on Wednesday’s American Idol, the finalists ran the gambit of musical selections from British powerhouse Adele, to the "Prince of Motown" Marvin Gaye and R&B singer-songwriter Alicia Keys. While Josh Ladet received a standing ovation from the judges for his soul classic “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke, Colton Dixon’s rendition of “September” by Earth Wind and Fire left the judges wanting more. As a solo mentor, Jimmy Iovine delivered pearls of wisdom to the top seven for this week's performance. How did they handle the judges’ critiques and who has what it takes to make it to the top? THR has the answers to your burning questions…

Who is Hollie Cavanagh’s favorite "footballer"? The 18-year-old British-born Texan was surprised by the TV greeting from Premiere League Liverpool football club, to which she responded, "That was crazy, like that was insane. Just to even think that they know my name was, like, heart-dropping.” Cavanagh told THR: “I would definitely say Steven Gerrard is my favorite.”

How did Phillips react to the feedback from Jennifer Lopez and Steve Tyler? After J-Lo called the 21-year-old Georgia rocker "sexy," he had this to say: "Oh, dang! I ain’t complaining, she’s gorgeous herself, so. That’s always a good thing to hear.” Meanwhile, Phillips shrugged off Tyler's remark about him being "brilliantly awkward," observing: “I don’t know, it was kind of strange. But he was braggin’ about me so it’s all good to me."

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Who did Skylar Laine hope tuned in for Wednesday's Idol? Lady Gaga, of course. The 18-year-old Mississippi-raised singer, who sang "Born This Way," told THR, "I really think Lady Gaga is really open. She is like the least judgmental person on this earth, so I really think that she would like it.” As for Lopez and company's positive response, “I really was excited to get the great feedback from the judges."

Which tunes did Ledet consider for his "Now and Then" performance? “There were a lot of songs. I looked at 'This Is A Man’s World' and 'Try A Little Tenderness,' (which) Jessica killed tonight,” the Louisiana native, 20, said. When asked how he remains grounded in the face of overnight reality-TV fame, Ledet added: "I believe that if you stay humble, god will lift you up and if you are too high, then he will take you down. So, you have to look at it that way."

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What bright new hair color will Dixon debut in the future? The 20-year-old emo rocker, sporting a red streak in his blonde spiky hair, revealed: “It’s probably going to be different next week. I don’t know what color, it depends on what song I’m going to do.” And what about Dixon’s extreme sense of style? Describing his look for the cover of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," he said: "The guy who designed it is Greg Lauren. I love Greg Lauren and I’ve worn two jackets of his on the show before. But I totally thought it was 'Jack Skellington had a baby with Beetlejuice.'"

Did Jessica Sanchez feel like she reached America on Wednesday? "I hope I did. I mean, the audience and the judges liked it,” the 16-year-old San Diego songstress told THR. "So hopefully the audience at home votes the same way.” When asked what it's like to be back onstage following last week's near-elimination, Sanchez confessed: "I felt like I was home and I don’t want to leave home. I’m happy to still be here."