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'American Idol' on the Charts: Alums End 2013 on High Notes

Winners Phillip Phillips, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery and Fantasia appear on multiple year-end charts. Also: Christmas has passed, but Idol songs are still visiting the holiday tallies.

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Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips and Carrie Underwood

CHARTING THE YEAR: Before we turn our attention to the first Idol chart achievements of 2014, it’s time to look back at 2013 and see how the series’ alumnae fared on Billboard’s year-end charts.

Six contestants made multiple appearances on the over 250 charts that Billboard compiled to summarize the year. The Idol who had the highest rankings across the board was Phillip Phillips, who made an impact with the singles “Home” (left over from 2012) and “Gone, Gone, Gone” and the album The World from the Side of the Moon. Phillips is the No. 2 Rock Digital Songs Artist of 2013, right behind Imagine Dragons. He is the No. 4 Top Rock Artist. On the overall Top Artists recap he is No. 26 and on Top New Artists he comes in at No. 5. On Hot 100 Male Artists he ranks No. 7 and on Top Billboard 200 Artists, he is No. 18, while coming in at No. 10 on Top Billboard 200 Male Artists. On Hot Digital Songs Artists, he is No. 15 and on Adult Contemporary Artists, he is listed at an  impressive No. 3, the same ranking he achieves on Triple A Artists.

Phillips’ first single, “Home,” debuted in June 2012, but continued to chart all through 2013, which accounts for its placings on the latest year-end summaries. It is the No. 46 song of the year on the Hot 100 recap and No. 34 on Hot 100 Airplay Songs. On Adult Contemporary Songs it is No. 4 for the year and on Hot Digital Songs it is No. 30. It is No. 18 on Triple A Songs, just two rungs lower than the follow-up, “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

“Gone” is No. 4 on Adult Top 40 Songs, No. 9 on Adult Contemporary, No. 61 on Hot 100 Songs and No. 49 on Hot 100 Airplay Songs.

The World from the Side of the Moonis the highest-ranking album by an Idol on the recap of the Billboard 200, coming in at No. 14. It is No. 21 on Top Digital Albums and a lofty No. 4 on Top Rock Albums.

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Carrie Underwood first charted in 2005 and is still going great guns eight years later, with numerous appearances on Bilboard’s year-end charts for 2013. She is the No. 43 artist of the year on the overall Top Artists recap, No. 7 on Top Country Artists and No. 9 on Hot Country Songs Artists. She is the No. 2 Top Female Country Artist and ranks No. 6 on Country Digital Songs Artists, No. 8 on Country Streaming Songs Artists and No. 10 on Top Country Albums Artists. She is No. 35 on Top Billboard 200 Artists and No. 9 on Top Billboard 200 Female Artists.

Underwood also continued to do well on the Christian charts, where she is the No. 8 Christian Digital Songs artist. “Jesus, Take the Wheel,” which has been charting since 2006, did well enough in 2013 to be the No. 13 Christian Digital Song of the year. “How Great Thou Art” is No. 34 and “Temporary Home” is No. 47.

Underwood’s album Blown Awaywas released in 2012 but charted in 2013 as well, ranking No. 9 on Top Country Albums and No. 31 on Top Billboard 200 Albums. The single “Blown Away” is No. 45 on the Hot Country Songs summary, No. 14 on Country Digital Songs and No. 23 on Country Streaming Songs. Another single, “Two Black Cadillacs,” is No. 25 on Country Digital Songs and No. 29 on Hot Country Songs.

Kelly Clarkson is No. 47 on the overall Top Artists recap and No. 27 on Top Billboard 200 Artists, No. 5 on Top Billboard 200 Female Artists and also No. 5 on Adult Contemporary Artists. “Catch My Breath” is the No. 3 AC song of the year and No. 68 on Hot 100 Songs, No. 50 on Hot 100 Airplay Songs and No. 29 on Pop Digital Songs. Her Greatest Hits: Chapter One is No. 42 on the Billboard 200 Albums summary, while Wrapped in Red is No. 170.

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Fantasia has the No. 104 album of the year with Side Effects of You, which is the No. 6 R&B album of 2013. She is the No. 5 Adult R&B artist, and the first two singles from her album are on the recap of Adult R&B Songs. “Lose to Win” is No. 11 and “Without Me,” which features Kelly Rowlandand Missy Elliott, is No. 16. The latter is No. 18 on R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay Songs.

Scotty McCreery’s 2012 holiday release Christmas with Scotty McCreery has done well over two Christmases now, and is the No. 98 album of the year on the recap of the Billboard 200. On Top Country Albums, it comes in at No. 25. His latest studio album, See You Tonight, is No. 47. McCreery ranks No. 15 on Top Country Albums Artists.

Mandisa had an exceptional year on the Christian charts with her album Overcomer and the single of the same name. The album is No. 25 on Christian Albums and the single is No. 13 on Christian Songs and Christian Adult Contemporary Songs. On Christian Digital Songs, “Overcomer” is No. 10 while a previous single, “Good Morning” (featuring tobyMac), is No. 18.

Colton Dixon had his first full year of success in 2013, and like label-mate Mandisa, also did well on the Christian charts. His song “You Are” is No. 18 for the year on Christian Songs, No. 24 on Christian Digital Songs and No. 30 on Christian Adult Contemporary.

THE HITS OF CHRISTMAS PAST: Even though it’s January, the Holiday charts continue to be compiled as the current crop includes sales from the week that included Dec. 25. Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped in Red returns to No. 1 on Top Holiday Albums, wearing the crown for the fourth week. Her single “Underneath the Tree” rises 10-8 on the Holiday 100 and holds at No. 3 on Holiday Songs. Meanwhie, Carrie Underwood’s “Do You Hear What I Hear” jumps 26-20 on Holiday Airplay.

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UP AND UP FOR SCOTTY McCREERY: “See You Tonight,” the current single from season 10 winner Scotty McCreery, moves up on three different Billboard charts. On Hot Country Songs the track climbs 20-18 to establish a new peak position in its 32nd week on this survey. The single also reaches a new peak on the Hot 100, where it advances 86-79 in its fifth week on the chart. Over on Country Digital Songs, “See You Tonight” rebounds 21-17 in its 18th week. This is not a new peak, however, as the song previously reached No. 14 on this list.

LONGEVITY: Phillip Phillips has truly found a home on the Rock Digital Songs chart. His first single, “Home,” leaps 41-30 in its 84th week. The song is a former No. 1. The follow-up, “Gone, Gone, Gone,” peaked at No. 3 and this week rebounds 29-20 in its 52nd frame. That means “Gone” will begin its second week on the chart next week. We should note that “Home” is just 21 weeks away from starting its third year on this tally.

LUCKY 13: After 12 weeks in pole position on the Christian Adult Contemporary chart, Mandisa’s “Overcomer” tumbled to No. 6 and then to No. 13. This week, the song makes the greatest airplay gain of any title on the chart and zooms all the way back to No. 1, to earn a 13th week on top.

That’s not a record; when “Overcomer” first went to No. 1 the week of Oct. 5, 2013, it succeeded Matthew West’s “Hello, My Name Is” after that song’s 16-week reign.

BITS AND PIECES: Daughtry’s “Waiting for Superman” is moving back up the Hot 100, climbing 95-87… Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take the Wheel” makes a big rebound on Christian Digital Songs, up 29-10 in its 207th week on the chart. Her “Temporary Home” re-enters at No. 27, to collect a 119th week. Both songs are former No. 1s on this list… Jennifer Hudson’s “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” is still vying for a berth in the top 10 of the Adult R&B chart. In its 11th week, it holds at No. 11.

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