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'American Idol' Elimination Night: 25 Things You Didn't See on Thursday's Show

If this week's elimination episode were a Jerry Lee Lewis song, it would be called "Whole Lotta Primpin' Goin' On."

idol season 10 top 6 group hug
Michael Becker / FOX

One couch only. It’s the surest sign that the American Idol finale is just around the corner. Less than a month to be exact, and Season 10’s remaining contestants seemed all too aware that the blue velvet sofa comfortably seats five, while six is a squeeze. But skinny Casey Abrams didn’t take up much room, at least not physically. Personality-wise, it’s a whole other story.

And maybe that’s what sent the crowd favorite home on Thursday night: there was no room for the eccentricities and quirks that Casey's fans loved -- evidently not American Idol material, as was proven now for the second time. Still, the vibe in the studio couldn’t have been more jovial, and you didn’t have to be there to feel that. But since we were, below are 25 things you may not have seen during the broadcast.  

1. With 30 seconds to go, the American Idol studio, typically awash in blue and neon white, turns into a starry night with the flick of a switch. Haley Reinhart, still getting accustomed to her straight hair, is fussing with it while taking position on the center stage stairs.

2. Mid-way through the Carole King medley, Haley literally skips over to Casey, who’s positioned on stage left.

3. While awaiting their cue at the judges’ table, Lauren Alaina and Haley look towards each other and mouth along to the boys’ part in a moment of female solidarity.

4. Scotty McCreery takes position on the side of the stage -- and sets his microphone to flute mode -- among a flock of girls. It’s his Elvis moment, however awkward. Meanwhile, Haley is fixing her hair… again. 

5. Following the group number, Casey and James Durbin hug it out as band leader Ray Chew runs over to congratulate everyone on a job well done.

6. Mid-way through the commercial break, no less than four people are primping Steven Tyler, going so far as to remove his hat and tease the hair we don’t even get to see! As for the puffy shirt that came straight out of Seinfeld? We have no words... 

7. In keeping with the tradition of prize giveaways during the breaks, James offers a “tricked out” teddy bear for his little cousin, who’s seated in the fourth row.

8. Meanwhile, Crystal Bowersox’s signature bong-like microphone stand is brought out to the stage -- carefully.

9. Getting ready to perform her latest single “Ridin’ With the Radio,” Crystal sways in place while Ryan Seacrest takes a seat at the couch with the Top 6.

10. During the performance, Casey is feeling Crystal, who introduced herself to the contestants earlier that afternoon.

11. Still a bit off kilter, Ryan opts for a kooky seal clap as his applause to last year’s runner-up.

12. Another break and the contestants know what’s coming: the red lights! Cue: Kieran, who soaks the studio in a blood-like hue. First up to the chopping block: bottom three regular Haley.

13.  No doubt the heat is on! So much so that Ryan fans himself with the stack of script cards while Haley makes her way to center stage.

14. Shaking her head to Steven Tyler’s boxing arm comment, Haley mouths in protest “I know,” even as Jimmy Iovine is explaining that she hasn’t yet figured out who she is.

15. Anyway, it doesn’t end up mattering because Haley is declared safe and dances her way back to the couch.

16. While Scotty’s video package is played, Ryan gets a touch of fresh makeup.

17. Lauren is next at center stage, where she stands at attention looking anxious. Of course, neither Scotty nor Lauren are handed their verdicts, much to everyone's annoyance.

18. James heads towards the dreaded position, but rather than letting fear get the best of him, he tap-dances his way through the break.

19. Corey, the warm-up guy, having a bit of fun at James’ expense, mentions the rocker’s hair and how People magazine compared him to Twilight’s Taylor Lautner. I don’t see it.

20. James is safe, Jacob is up next and pays close attention to his video package on the giant video screen, perhaps thinking it might be his last time on the Idol stage…

21. For the final word, all four remaining finalists would have to wait until after the Bruno Mars performance, which was pre-taped, if you couldn’t tell.

22. The last break allows for one more judges’ huddle, agenda: unknown. It’s not like they had much to say during this elimination episode – or anything at all.

23. Casey and Scotty are the last two standing, and the former is biting his nails and pacing as the lights come up – and for good reason: it would be Casey’s final bow. Haley looks numb, and continues to fuss with her hair as if in a trance .

24. Going out in style, Casey buzzes around the studio, kissing and hugging everyone in sight -- including Steven Tyler and an encore peck for Jennifer Lopez -- while delivering his last goodbye. James looks like he’s getting teary. Haley, however, is back to her smily self. 

25. The episode ends with a giant group hug encompassing Scotty, Casey, Haley, James, Randy Jackson… It snow-balled for the next few minutes in cheers and well-wishes, much like Casey’s own Idol ride. Fare you well, brother…