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'American Idol' Finale: More Burning Questions Answered

David Cook
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The finale may be over, but plenty of Idol-related questions still linger. Read on for some unexpected answers (we're looking at you Aerosmith superfan, David Cook!)...  

Did season 8 winner Kris Allen watch the Glee finale, which featured Matthew Morrison singing his single “Still Got tonight,” a song Allen wrote?

“I didn't! I fell asleep at seven o'clock Tuesday night,” says Kris Allen. And DVR wasn’t an option, apparently. “I was in a hotel so I couldn't Tivo it. I missed it, but I heard it went really well.”

How does a 16-year-old kid wrap his head around the fact that he’s performing with a country legend like Tim McGraw? 

“For me, it helped to do it after the fact,” season 7 winner David Cook tells THR. “They had me performing with ZZ Top, and I was like, ‘OK, I'll think about it later or I will throw up onstage.’ Scotty seems like he has a pretty strong head on his shoulders. He like he’s just chill with everything -- that guy doesn't seem fazed by much.” 

Would Tim McGraw audition for a show like Idol if he were 16 and just getting started?

Heck no, says the country star. “If I was starting out today, I'd probably go to college and stay there. It's tough right now.”

Which former Idol winner saved an Aerosmith memento on his bedroom wall for three years?

That would be David Cook. “I'm a big fan of Steven Tyler's and of Aerosmith's,” he says. “In fact, I saved a piece of bat-shaped confetti from a show they played with Kiss in Kansas City. It was on my wall for three years… I see all that weird turmoil going on in Aerosmith right now, but hopefully they get that figured out.”

Which Top 13 contestant is teaching Scotty how to play piano?

The very musical Paul McDonald, of course. “Scotty and Lauren are like my little brother and sister,” he tells THR. “I showed Scotty how to play piano and I’m getting Lauren to write songs. I told them at the beginning of the show -- I’m from Nashville and you guys are going to make it, no matter what.”

What was the hot salsa number that Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez performed and what did husband whisper to wife at the end?

The song is called “Aguanile” and was a popular number by salsa singer Hector Lavoe, who died in 1993 after battling heroin addiction and AIDS. Anthony played the Puerto Rican music legend in the 2007 movie El Cantante, costarring Lopez, which features “Aguanile” on the soundtrack. As for that whisper at the end of the red-hot dance number? Anthony said “smile,” according to an astute Puerto Rican fan who participated in Idol Worship’s finale live chat.