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Top 3 Reasons Why Jessica Sanchez Will Win 'American Idol' (And Why She Won't)

The final two "American Idol" contestants square off tonight: will Jessica Sanchez take the title tomorrow?

Jessica Sanchez Top 3 perf P
Michael Becker / FOX

History will be made on American Idol this year if season 11 finalist Jessica Sanchez takes the title in tomorrow's finale.

The 16-year-old Chula Vista, Calif., powerhouse, is the first recipient of the judges’ save to persevere and advance to the top two (point of technicality: Clay Aiken, brought back as a wildcard pick in Season 2, also qualifies). If she wins, she will be the first eliminated contestant and the youngest Idol to be crowned the winner.

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With 411,955 rabid Twitter followers (and climbing by the second), Sanchez definitely has the fan support to secure victory. The social network research company, General Sentiment, is calling for a Sanchez landslide based on her online support on both Facebook and Twitter. According to the study, Sanchez scores 61,489 positive mentions on social media on Twitter over Phillip Phillips, who nets 38,372 in his favor. The “sentiment” breakdown for both vocalists reads: 81.9% positive references in Sanchez’s corner, and 27.6% for Phillips.

Of course she first needs to prove herself on Tuesday's performance rshow. As mentor Jimmy Iovine told reporters on a conference call Monday, Sanchez “has to find that balance between her capabilities and reach inside and have the right song to click the emotion [in order to] get people to vote for who haven’t in the past.”

Why Jessica Sanchez Will Win:

  1. She has the potential to be a modern day international superstar. The biracial Sanchez could set sales records overseas if given the right songs. She has the voice to pull off everything –ballads, dance singles, jams with hip-hop artists, duets, and movie soundtracks. She has already proven herself as a natural in front of the camera –she is often the most captivating presence in the show’s Ford commercials, and although petite, blows up on stage.
  2. She has a passionate fan base. Every five minutes, the teen gains more and more Twitter followers. She has a natural give and take with her audience, who identify with her youth and enthusiasm. The savvy Sanchez even gave herself an alternate moniker: Bebe Chez. Not only is this very Beyonce of her, it's smart marketing to a teen base ready for another icon to idolize.
  3. The Idol audience could be experiencing White Guy With Guitar fatigue... and might be ready to try something new. The show hasn’t had a cross-format success story in forever, and Sanchez may be the one to break out as the show’s next complete artist.

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Why She Won’t:

  1. Many of her fans are in the Philippines and cannot vote for her, unless they have access to a Magic Jack. International support is wonderful, and can mean a fortune in record sales. However, overseas votes are ineligible on the Idol voting lines.
  2. Sanchez has a tendency to pick slow-paced songs by artists the typical Idol voter doesn’t recognize or care to know. She was nearly eliminated Week 7 after a risky choice of Jazmine Sullivan’s “Stuttering.” She can’t do that on performance night.
  3. As the last female standing, Sanchez has to contend with the fanatical Idol female voting bloc that tends to favor the cute guys. Her only hope against this fan base: the presence of Phillips’ actual girlfriend, who has been noticeably absent from television screens (as well as the Leesburg, Ga., rocker’s homecoming video package), may be a turn-off.

So what do you think, Worshippers? Will Sanchez be the victor, and break the chain of WGWG winners on Idol?

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