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'American Idol' Judges Get Giddy as Final Four Face Off: 15 Things You Didn't See on TV

On a two-theme night, season 12's remaining finalists fight a battle of the ballads.

Angie Miller top 4 perf P
Michael Becker / FOX

One thing you can always say about American Idol -- despite any behind-the-scenes drama, the judges and ever reliable host Ryan Seacrest always show up with their game face on and professionalism in check.

Certainly that was the case for Wednesday’s top 4 show, when finalists Kree Harrison, Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover and Angie Miller hit the stage for two solo numbers and one duet.

Viewers caught the battle of the ballads on TV, but what didn’t you see? Read on for THR’s view from section C…

1. No discomfort could be seen among the judges as they made their grand entrance -- Mariah Carey, in particular. The diva was practically skipping as she held hands with Randy Jackson and strolled to her throne down in front.

2. Judge Nicki Minaj was totally feeling Amber Holcomb’s take on “The Power of Love,” so much so that she could be seen swaying in her seat.

3. Amber seems to be an audience favorite, too, as cheers for her opening performance continued well after the show went to commercial.

4. Still feeling giddy, Mariah Carey blew kisses to fans in the crowd during the first ad break.

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5. For Kree Harrison’s first turn at bat, “It Hurt So Bad,” judge Keith Urban craned his neck so he could see the finalist belt the blues alongside guitarist Brady Cohan on stage right.

6. Even Randy Jackson’s glasses have their own handler. During the second break, one of the judge’s minders took the entire three-plus minutes to wipe away every last smudge on his lenses.

7. Thanks to a stellar duet of Adele’s “Rumor Has It,” sung by Kree and Amber, the judges’ mood was lifted even more. But while they joked about a possible collaboration between the table’s two female stars, the playful interaction ended as soon as the red light went out on the cameras and a throng of touch-up experts descended.

8. Keith Urban could hardly contain his enthusiasm for the second twosome of the night: Candice Glover and Angie Miller’s spin on Rihanna’s ballad “Stay." He was practically jumping out of his seat.

9. You could say the same of Mariah Carey’s reaction to Amber’s "MacArthur Park” (whom Nicki Minaj mistakenly calls Angie)… in the form of a twirl.

10. Two Mariah superfans, who had worked long and hard on fastening glitter to a purple banner declaring their love for the diva, got to indulge their fantasy. Mariah motioned over for them to come down so she could sign their signs.

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11. Jimmy Iovine didn’t exactly win any friends with his harsh-as-heck comments following each of the top 4 performances. Even host Ryan Seacrest jumped on the booing bandwagon when it came to Jimmy’s comment about Amber, motioning thumbs down as the label head cracked on “MacArthur Park.”

12. Nicki Minaj jumping from her seat to the stage so she can play-strangle Iovine didn’t come as much of a surprise to the studio audience. After all, every week she insists that the industry legend doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

13. In perhaps the sweetest moment of the night, judges Keith Urban and Mariah Carey snuggled at the judges’ table while Nicki Minaj and Randy Jackson went AWOL for a moment.

14. Always one to appreciate the moment, Keith Urban emerged from his position behind the judges’ table to the standing room only pit at the front, where he posed with fans and even let one feel his hair.

15. Already imbibed with good vibes, Keith Urban was fully feeling Angie Miller’s “Cry Me A River.” The rendition nearly had him in tears, with arms to the sky.

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