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'American Idol': Kree Harrison and Candice Glover Talk 'Emotional' Finale

"They sing because they need to sing, and not because they want to be famous," said judge Keith Urban following the Wednesday night showdown.

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Ray Mickshaw / FOX

It’s the night before the American Idol finale and the moment when millions will see you give your all in three high-stakes performances. Your career is on the line, your family, friends and town are counting on you...  So how did Kree Harrison and Candice Glover prepare for their big day?

“We watched some TV together and Kree fell asleep on me,” Glover told The Hollywood Reporter following Wednesday night's show. “We just chilled and ordered some food. I made sure she was sleeping and then I went to my room. ... Me and Kree, we get our kicks by coming to a center and knowing what we have to do the next day and getting as much rest as we possibly can.”

Harrison and Glover certainly needed the down time. Wednesday night's show, with its multiple wardrobe changes also served to debut the two girls' new singles, Glover's "I Am Beautiful" and Harrison's "All Cried Out."

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Said Glover: “I got emotional in the middle of the song but I didn’t stop because I didn’t want to blow a key. Then at the end, I got emotional because of the lyrics. “

Harrison said she was also feeling her song. "It was really easy to get emotionally connected to the song,” she said. “I couldn't have written it better myself. I don't know if if they wrote it for me or if it was just in a catalog, but whatever the case, I'm so thankful.”

Judge Keith Urban said he enjoyed both performances -- particularly Harrison’s.

“They have a lot of vulnerability and strength that are apparent when they perform," he explained when asked by THR to describe the girls' individual strengths. "They’re both survivors and they both come from very rootsy earthy real families. ... There’s no pageantry in either of them. They really sing from a real place. They sing because they need to sing, and not because they want to be famous. ... We’re really lucky to have them.”

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Carly Rae Jepsen, who performed on the Wednesday night show, said she's impressed with both contestants in the limited time she's had to view the show. “Kree’s got a cool country element to her that can go a really long way," she said. "And there’s a softness to her voice that country music doesn’t totally have. As for Candice -- I feel that every word she says is like milk and honey and I love it.”

Whatever happens on Thursday's finale, Glover promises the atmosphere will be like a “party” with “awesome people" invited to join in the fun. Harrison will also be celebrating a special milestone that night: her 23rd birthday. And with that reveal, one final pitch: "Vote for me for my birthday!” she said.

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