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'American Idol's' Phillip Phillips on Having to Dress Up for the Finale, Being Compared to Springsteen

The season 11 finalist answers THR's burning questions and reveals that, along with his dad, he also packs heat.

Phillip Phillips performance final 3 p
Michael Becker / FOX

Does it get any better than Wednesday night for Georgia's Phillip Phillips? He nailed Four Seasons' “Beggin,’” as chosen by judge Steven Tyler, gets compared to a “new age Boss,” as in Springsteen, then may have clinched the competition with a downright swoony “We’ve Got Tonight” by Bob Seger. Phillip certainly seemed pleased with his performance following Wednesday’s show when he stopped to answer THR’s burning questions…

The Hollywood Reporter: So the big question if you make it through: Are you going to dress up for the finale?

Phillip Phillips: I think I have to. Somebody told me that, but I'm not excited about it. I heard it's kind of formal so I'm not looking forward to it, even though I can pull it off. … I'm just kidding.

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THR: Steven Tyler compared you to Bruce Springsteen, did that blow your mind?

Phillips: Yes, because Steven said that and asked if I write my own stuff, which I do. I'm actually really passionate about it. I'm not the best singer in the world or in this competition, and I never will be, but I want people to have fun with the music and the meaning of the lyrics.

THR: Randy said your time on stage is what a Phillip Phillips concert would be like. What would a Phillip show be like?

Phillips: All about having fun and dancing and connecting to the music.

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THR: Is there a concert that you went to which stands out?

Phillips: Dave Matthews was probably the biggest concert that I've ever been to. It was really good. I wanted to go to so many others, but with how much money it takes and making plans and whatnot…

THR: Were you familiar with “We’ve Got Tonight” before it was chosen for you by Jimmy Iovine?

Phillips: I knew so many other Bob Seger songs but not that one. I was, like, “Oh man, can I switch to this song or that song?" They were like, “Nope, you gotta do it." I was nervous about it , but it felt good. It was very different for me and came out really well.

THR: Does your dad really pack heat?

Phillips: Yes, we all do, because our shop is in a really bad part of town, so you got to keep yourself safe. We have a lot of guns. 

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[A previous version of this story mistakenly stated Phillips was from Tennessee]