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'American Idol' Season 12 Tour: Top 11 Preview 'Gone, Gone, Gone' Group Number (Video)

Singing the Phillip Phillips send-off number is "bittersweet," says finalist Angie Miller.

Ask one of the season 12 Idols which songs they will be singing on their summer tour, and they won’t tell you. It’s supposed to be a secret, but one song was revealed today when the top 10 plus one (Aubrey Cleland from this year’s top 20 joins her fellow Idols for the tour) spent time talking to the press at a Burbank rehearsal facility. Before they interviewed each other for The Hollywood Reporter, the eleven Idols going on the road performed their version of Phillip Phillips’ current hit, “Gone, Gone, Gone.”

The song, which has already topped three Billboard charts, has a special meaning for the current group of Idols. “It was our season’s goodbye, voted-off song, so it’s kind of sad for us,” explains Angie Miller. “It’s bittersweet.”

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"Especially on our last show,” agrees Kree Harrison. “Those lyrics about never being alone: ‘I love you long after you’re gone, gone, gone.’”

While rehearsing the song the other day, the Idols had a special visitor in the room. “Phillip was here watching us,” Miller explains. Did he offer any suggestions of how to sing his song? “No,” adds Miller. “He’s so nice.”

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While Miller and Harrison wouldn’t talk about any other songs they’re going to perform in arenas this summer, they did tease some information. “You can expect a big contrast, with people jumping up and down like crazy and then there’ll be intimate moments as well,” says Harrison.

The summer tour begins July 19 in Kent, Washington and concludes Aug. 31 in Nashville.

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