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'American Idol' Twitter War: Constantine Maroulis vs. Clay Aiken

Maroulis calls out Aiken over skipping a performance of Jekyll & Hyde."

Constantine Maroulis

Last Friday, a tweet of a photo shared by American Idol alum and theater veteran Clay Aiken seemed innocent enough: "A night at the theatre...breaking photo rules."

The photo in question was a snapshot of Jekyll & Hyde, starring Idol season four finalist Constantine Maroulis, during a show in Aiken's home state of North Carolina.

While it seemed nice that the season-two runner-up was seemingly supporting Maroulis from the audience, there was one problem: Aiken wasn't there. He'd requested the tickets and backstage passes to the performance in Durham.

So who was in the seats set aside specifically for Aiken? And who snapped the picture?

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According to a series of tweets fired off by Maroulis on Saturday, the photographer in question was Aiken's mother. In the seat next to her sat Aiken's assistant. Maroulis was not amused. 

"wow pretty corny..Say ur comin, tix arranged, then you send ur mama and asst instead?  Lol." he tweeted.

Maroulis said that Aiken's handlers had also requested special arrangements for a meet and greet after the show.

"so…who took the pic?  His mama/asst – his team made a BIG deal he was comin and wanted M/G." Maroulis said.

When an Aiken fan attacked the Broadway star as using the incident to create publicity, asking, "Gotta problem?" Maroulis did not back down.

"not even a lil' but when u post PICS from the free seats ur sposed to be in and its your mom? Ehh. :)."

So far, Aiken has remained silent on the matter.

What do you think, Worshippers? Could there be a simple explanation for this matter? Have you seen Jekyll & Hyde?  Let us know your thoughts (and reviews) below!

Watch a video of tour highlights from the show, including Maroulis belting the showstopper, "This Is The Moment," below:

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