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'American Idol's' Haley Reinhart Performs on NBC's 'Real Music Live'

The Season 10 alum kicked off the NBC show's second episode Sunday morning with a performance of her song, "Oh, My!"

Haley Reinhart hard rock screen grab L

Fans of American Idol alum Haley Reinhart had to stay up extra late to watch the soul singer in action on the NBC show Real Music Live.

The show, which aired early Sunday morning at 1 a.m., featured performances by Reinhart and other artists in the series' second installment. Real Music Live aired in six markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco and Chicago, Reinhart’s home city.

The 22-year old Wheeling, Illinois, native kicked off the episode with a sultry rendition of the song "Oh, My!" from her debut CD, "Listen Up!"

A post-performance interview unveiled a few fun revelations about the season 10 favorite, including her celebrity crush (paging James Franco!), which song she wishes she had recorded (not suprisingly, Reinhart picked "Oh, Darling" by The Beatles) and a fashion secret: the stylish Idol does her own hair and makeup.

"I do! I have fun with it," said Reinhart, who also discussed why live performance is a vital part of being an artist.

"I think it's so important just to reach down deep in the soul and bring out whatever you have and just lay it all out on that stage," she said.

She also said her life has changed since Idol, including where she lives to "being able to co-write" her debut album.

"I really got my hands in there and got to write a lot of great things," she said. "It was very satisfying to the soul."

Real Music Live executive producer Mark Hill said that Reinhart was exactly the kind of artist he was looking to showcase on the new program, which he hopes to expand into the Spring schedule.

"She’s a good singer, and she has a sound that is kind of unique,” says Hill, a Chicago drummer who toured with major acts. “I saw her on YouTube and thought, 'Wow.'"

Reinhart, recently released from Interscope Records, is still managed by 19 Entertainment and is planning a return to the studio to begin recording her next album.

Watch Reinhart's peformance and interview below: