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'America's Got Talent's 'Idol' Flashback: Howard Stern Invokes Sanjaya Malakar On Elimination Night (Video)

In critiquing a particular contestant, the shock jock brought up the name of the infamous "Idol" season 6 vocalist.

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America's Got Talent judge Howard Stern referenced American Idol season 6 finalist Sanjaya Malakar as the axe finally came down on the pint-sized Big Barry during Wednesday night's elmination show.

"For some reason [if] you go through, it will be a Sanjaya moment," the shock-jock told the wannabe lounge singer.

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Stern famously backed Malakar in 2007 as the mohawked teen advanced through multiple weeks of Idol as he finished in seventh place, much to the annoyance of then-judge Simon Cowell.

Stern was visibly feeling the same pain this season on Talent with Barry.

"You're like herpes," he said. "The act just doesn't go away."

Barry, who bragged about his prowess singing karaoke in Ft. Lauderdale, drew raves from judge Howie Mandel, who described him as "fun" and "funny," and derision from Stern, who said his "big toe" had more talent that Barry.

The two judges got in each other's faces during Tuesday's performance night, when Stern accused Barry of being responsible for the elimination of more deserving contestants. He took his ire out on Mandel, with accusations that the follicly challenged comic wasn't taking his job seriously enough.

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Mandel believed Barry was a "great novelty act" while Stern failed to see the humor in the act, calling to the end of the "Howie Filibuster" and an apology to Florence Joyner's daughter, Mary, who he believes was passed over for lesser talents such as Barry.

"You're not fun, you're not funny and you're not talented," Stern told the tiny, self-described "70-Year-Old Teenager."

For the record, Sharon Osbourne agreed with Stern, telling Barry "you sing like you're on the toilet."

Stern did thank Barry in the end for being on the show, pointing out that his argument was with Mandel.

Watch a clip of Big Barry performing below: