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'Idol' Contestant Ashthon Jones 'Had a Feeling' She Would Be Eliminated

“I was never timid on stage,” said the 25-year-old Nashville native. “I got the least votes, but being true to my belief is going to win in the end.”

ashthon jones elimination
Mark Davis / PictureGroup for FOX
Ryan Seacrest with Ashthon Jones

After being voted off of Season 10’s Top 13, 25-year-old Ashthon Jones was in surprisingly good spirits during Friday morning’s conference call with reporters. “It wasn't a surprise, I had a feeling,” she revealed. “It’s only the beginning of something great. You have to continue to go on. You can’t live off of, 'I was in the Top 13 of American Idol' for the rest of your life.” 

The Nashville native, who comes from a broken home, says she’s grateful for being allowed the opportunity to show the world her passion for music, which she says is a God-given gift. “I had some crazy things going on when I was young,” she recounted. “The father that I knew from birth passed away when I was 14. I left home and was gone for over two-and-a-half years. It was just life-changing. When I finally got back to my family, I got saved, I became a Christian and turned my life around.”   With no regret and the self-confidence she’s already shown in the few episodes in which she appeared -- like when Jones told Jennifer Lopez that the Idol judge inspired her own diva moves  -- Jones did admit that her song choice may have contributed to her elimination, but insists she wouldn’t have it any other way. “At first, I was, like ‘I shouldn't have chose that song,’” she said. “But for some reason, that song spoke to me and I related it to my life, my experience, my faith and the love that I have all around. As I was singing, the lyrics spoke to me.”   So was it the attitude that turned off America? Maybe. “I was never timid on stage,” Jones said. “I didn’t win the show, I got the least votes, but being myself and staying true to my belief is going to win in the end.”    Addressing her highly emotional reaction at the end of the show, Jones says that she “left those tears on that stage,” and is ready for the next step. Being a “firm believer in speaking everything into existence,” she credits her spirituality and the support of those around her as the motivation that helped her to overcome struggle. People like Lopez, who Jones says, “always had something real to say that came straight from her spirit.”    Now that her Idol journey is over, Jones isn’t reflecting, she’s focused on the future. “I don’t want to look at the past, be depressed and say, ‘I should’ve done this, I should've done that.’ Now it's time to take everything that I've learned and move forward in my life and grow as an artist. Something great is going to come out of this experience.”