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Jason Mraz Says 'Yes' to Writing with 'American Idol' Finalist Alex Preston

"I think it will work out," the singer told reporters after Wednesday night's season 13 finale.

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As a songwriter, Jason Mraz has many words in his vocabulary, but the one word that he would love to eradicate is "no."

"Yes is what propels creativity, it's what gets you to the next level," he said. "If anyone ever says no in an improv, the scene is over."

It is for this reason, the singer, who debuted his new single "Love Someone," alongside top-three finalist Alex Preston on American Idol last night, chose to call his record Yes!

"It is called that because I saw these girls play at a college and I was like, 'yes,' these girls are rad, and I went up to them and said, 'Hey, do you guys ever want to come over and be my band, try out some of my demos? And they were like, 'yes.' And then last year, we wrote to my manager and said we wanted to make an album together and he said 'yes' and Atlantic Records said 'yes,' and Mike Mogis wanted to produce it and we said 'yes!' Luckily, we haven't said no yet, and here we are today."

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The stripped-down acoustic record, recorded with the four-female band Raining Jane, is what Mraz calls his "grooviest record yet."

"This album shows growth by the ability to scale it down," he said. "I wrote and recorded all of the material with them. We have been working it for the last seven years, and about a year ago, we decided we would go all in and make an album together."

Mraz said he enjoyed working with the season 13 contestants as a mentor, but has no desire to work in a more critical role.

"I would not want to be a judge, but I was happy just visiting and lending some feedback," he said. "Personally, I felt like I wasn't being filmed that day because the cameras were far enough away I could really spend some time hanging out and have a good time."

Mraz said that in the future, he would love to work with Preston.

"We have been talking back and forth about having him come down, do some writing and jam," said the singer-songwriter. "I think it will work out."

Mraz said he has high hopes for the 21-year-old New Hampshire musician, but "he has to go to work."

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"That's what we all have to do," Jason said. "This show is obviously a great place to network and build some fans, and it is going to be up to him to stay connected to those fans and create a body of work that comes from his truth and whatever that looks like is up to him. You can be a clever writer all day, but until you put some truth out there, I don't know that anything will occur, so hopefully he is unafraid to throw himself over the falls, and let's see what happens."

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