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Majesty Rose on Her 'American Idol' Elimination: 'I Had a Feeling'

The latest to be sent home from the singing show was "truly happy" while singing for the save, and reflected on one of her most meaningful performances.

Majesty Rose
Michael Becker/FOX
Majesty Rose

Most eliminated American Idol contestants don't feel so calm and positive about being sent home from the singing show, but Majesty Rose told reporters on Friday that she was overwhelmed by "peace" when she was not saved on Thursday night, even after jumping around onstage while performing Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

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"I was truly happy -- I had to make a split decision to be happy at that moment," she said during a conference call. "I had to just be grateful for how far I'd already made it. I wasn't even thinking about the judges and the save; it was, 'Right now, I'm gonna sing for myself.'" 

So when Ryan Seacrest announced during the episode that she would be singing for the save, she exclaimed, "I knew it!" and elaborated on Friday that she really did. "I wasn't surprised that I would sing for the save for some reason -- I had a feeling when the show started. I don't know why, probably because I pray a lot, I think God told me." She doesn't fault the judges for not extending the save to her. "I understand that they're in a really tough position … we've all worked really hard to be in this competition, so I can't say I deserved it more than anybody else."

Rose found herself in the bottom throughout the past few weeks though, but doesn't regret any of her song choices. "I'm not thinking about what America would like, I’m thinking about what I would like," she said. "I made myself proud." She greatly identifies with "Let It Go" from Frozen, which she performed, earlier in the competition. Of the song, she said, "My mom, she really did parade me around almost -- when I was younger, I had to sing everywhere and it was hard because I was just a robot or something.  It was always stifling who I really was on the inside."

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Rose also isn't above admitting her own singing faults, as she said she feeds too much on the audience's energy at times. "That's why I almost get off on my vocals, but I think that's what I'm going work on from now until the tour...I've learned that my best is good enough. I may not be the next American Idol, but I'm the only Majesty Rose."

And besides dreams of releasing her own album of positive music (not specifically as a Christian artist) and venturing in acting and theater, Rose is thankful that she didn't let Hollywood change the small-town girl and mostly wants to be a role model for young girls. "Maybe even be a representative for natural hair!"

Rose did love her time on Idol and looks forward to hanging out with Jessica Meuse and Alex Preston in particular, and joked about Dexter Roberts' notorious flirting. "We make fun of Dexter when he takes pictures because he has his celebrity face already -- I think he knows he's a ladies man now!"

Yet of the remaining female contestants, Meuse is the only one who has been safe every week. Rose said of Meuse, "She really knows who she is as an artist…I hope she doesn't get in the bottom ever. She's extraordinary to me."

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