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MK Nobilette on her 'American Idol' Exit: 'I Definitely Thought I Would Go Home'

The Top 10 finalist says Harry Connick, Jr.'s suggestion that she "didn't want to be here" hit her very hard.

American Idol MK Nobilette elimination P
Michael Becker / Fox

After her elimination from American Idol, MK Nobilette’s first stop outside of Stage 36 at CBS Televison City was the press tent just outside the large building that houses the Idol set. Before she had a chance to speak with her family or check her cellphone for messages, she sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss her exit.

As she walked into the tent, Nobilette had a big smile on her face. She raised her hands above her head, like a champion. It was clear she was in an ebullient mood. “I’m feeling great,” she confirmed. “I’m proud of myself for making it this far and I’m really positive. I didn’t think I’d be this positive, but I am. I’ve done this amazing thing that millions of people don’t get the chance to do.”

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Asked what she would miss the most about not being a part of the competition, the San Francisco native replied, “The hardest part of leaving is not being able to hang out with these amazing musicians. They’re wonderful people and I’m going to miss them.”

Nobilette was candid about her thoughts over the 24 hours preceding Ryan Seacrest’s declaration that she was going to have to sing for the judges’ save. “I definitely thought I would go home because of the [Wednesday] performance. It was not the best. I think it was good until I messed up. I’m a musician and every single musician who has ever sung anywhere has messed up once. I’m not going to stop.”

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In fact, Nobilette is already thinking ahead to her future. “After the tour I want to make an album and have it do well and go on tour again with my own band. I don’t know what genre my first album will be but it will have a lot of horns and some funky stuff to jam to.”

While the judges did not save her, Nobilette obviously bears the panel no ill will. Asked what the most valuable lesson she learned during her tenure on Idol, she answered, “One of the most important things I learned was when Harry [Connick, Jr.] said I didn’t want to be there. It hit me hard -- in a very good way. I’m always going to ask myself, do you want to be here and I’m going to prove that I want to be here every time I go on stage. That’s the best thing that’s ever happened.”

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