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Ousted 'American Idol' Contestant Matheus Fernandes Defends Himself: 'I Did Not Lie' (Video)

The diminutive singer -- who previously competed on "The Glee Project" -- is denying he lied when he said he never sang with a band.

Matheus Fernandes American Idol - H 2012

Eliminated American Idol season 12 contestant Matheus Fernandes took to his Facebook page on Friday to defend accusations that he lied when he said on the Fox contest this week that he wasn't used to "singing with a band."

"I am an HONEST person. I do NOT lie," said Fernandes, who competed in 2011 on Oxygen's The Glee Project.

Before his solo performance of Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger" on Wednesday's installment of Hollywood Week, Fernandes told Ryan Seacrest: "This is the first time I'm singing with a live band by myself. I used to only sing in my car, or my bedroom."

The 4'9 singer -- who no doubt chose the song for the lyric "stand a little taller" --  subsequently chastised by judge Nicki Minaj for continually milking the story of his height and looking for a "pity-party."

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After he was sent packing, Fernandes continued to blame his poor performance on his inexperience with a band, a claim that was widely refuted by fans who watched the diminutive hopeful compete on The Glee Project ... with a band.

"Alright, enough. For everyone who mentioned I lied about singing with a live band, because I apparently 'have done it in the past with the Glee Project' hear this: REALITY is very much what is perceived to be through your TV Screen," wrote the 22-year old Atlanta native in his Facebook rant. "But make no mistake. Make no mistake... LOTS happens behind the scenes to an extent where the audience is NOT very aware of all circumstances."

Fernandes maintains that he's an honest individual both on screen and off.

"Lies for me are for life or death situations and any bit of dishonesty I see within a person completely turns me off from that character, because I have a moral code within myself," he said. "Thank you. Love you all. Hope this clears it up."

Watch Fernandes' swan song below:


What do you think, Worshippers? Did Matheus lie? Or was he a victim of editing?

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