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Rejected 'American Idol' Puppet Re-emerges as Rapper; Mocks Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey (Video)

In a new YouTube clip called "I'm OzCar," the yodeling teddy bear insists his career will flourish despite what the season 12 judges said.

Idol puppet screen grab L

Aspiring ventriloquist Halie Hilburn famously tried to make it to Hollywood on American Idol season 12 with her beloved puppet Oscar, but ditched her pal at the request of judge Keith Urban, who said her sidekick was "holding her back."

Poor Oscar. He provided an assist with his yodeling skills for Hilburn's audition and got tossed aside like garbage when Mariah Carey also advised the hopeful to cut ties with her furry friend in order to further her career. He was last seen discarded in a Los Angeles dumpster.

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But it turns out, Oscar is doing fine on his own. While his human friend was unceremoniously cut in Hollywood, the pimping puppet has re-emerged as a rap artist named OzCar in a new video.

Filmed in Oklahoma City, "I'm OzCar" reinvents the cute puppy with a rougher image -- dark sunglasses, leather jacket and bling. "Don't be calling me puppet, I'll take your ticket and stuff it," he raps, as he predicts his career could blow up despite what the Idol judges said.

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"I'm flying solo, making green like a Muppet / If Eminem and Macklemore can, why not this white puppet?" he continues, taking shots at Carey -- or "that pariah Mariah" -- and Nicki Minaj, who expressed revulsion at his yodel -- which he demonstrates in a flurry of Auto-Tune. "She don't like my style? She said, 'Yodeling's icky,," sings the puppet as he challenges Minaj to "learn how to rhyme." 

In another attempt to extend his 15 minutes, OzCar is rumored to be auditioning for America's Got Talent later this year.

Watch OzCar's clip below:

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