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Steven Tyler Dishes on 'Idol' Finalists Lauren Alaina, Scotty McCreery

"Mom's apple pie, it hit America right in the midriff," says the season 10 judge of finalists Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery.

steven tyler idol top 13 party
Mark Davis / FOX

American Idol judge Steven Tyler charmed the press following Tuesday’s performance show as only he can. The Aerosmith frontman sang a few licks, stayed mum about his own participation as a performer on Wednesday’s finale, cracked many jokes and offered his share of insights on the final two. Read on for Tyler’s two cents…

On his solo career:

“In L.A., I go out and bump into Johnny Depp and stuff, and so one thing led to another… Not with Johnny, but I was kind of bored, had some off time, wrote a song and put it out with a book."

On first hearing Lauren Alaina:

“It was the second city and we were sitting there… you have to go through so many kids, and she sang  and I stood up and said, ‘Thank you, Jesus!’ Because when she sings, she doesn’t try to hit the notes, they just fall in her lap. The words go to that place. Everyone else is trying to hit the notes, and we’re supposed to be judging them – like you didn’t sing  that good, you were pitchy -- she’s never had a problem with pitch, maybe bad songs… I circled her 8 months ago and said 'American Idol.' I saved it. Her and about six or seven others. I loved her.”

On Lauren’s strained vocal cords…

“She was hoarse but they have steroids for that. The next day, it’s not so good, though. She didn’t sing that much tonight. Tomorrow she’ll nail it.”

On Scotty McCreery and the country connection…

“Both of them are very much country which gives it up to life and things -- what's going on with their dog, their back porch, real love stuff. What they both picked tonight was just brilliant. It was really beautiful. Mom's apple pie, it hit America right in the midriff."

On former finalists commending the new judges’ positivity…

“They are 100 percent right. What do you get with negativity and putting down? A fun show, but I think you grow more with confidence and compliments. A kid can be scared to death singing in front of J. Lo or those of us that have been around forever and are monumental to them. I am just a regular guy. I am that guy in Aerosmith and I have been around, but to give them confidence to feel free to come on over and go, ‘Let me show you what I can do,’ those are the ones I am looking for…”