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'American Idol's' C.J. Harris: 'Black Guy Playing Country Music? Give Me a Chance' (Video)

THR caught up with the top 13 after the live results show to talk favorite genres, autotune and emotional but proud parents.

American Idol's first live results show of the season had its share of stressful moments and sound problems, but the top 13 were nothing but smiles when chatting with The Hollywood Reporter for their first set of red-carpet interviews -- which was actually blue.

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The singers shared how they felt when they were chosen, by either the viewers or the judges, to continue on in the competition. Ben Briley said of his eccentric reaction, "When I get excited, I yell and I hit stuff, and I didn't want to hit anybody, so I had to yell!"

The judges' wildcard picks were incredibly thankful for their chance to still compete, after being cut short of the top 10, voted by viewers. "I've been so different form a lot of the people in the competition," said C.J. Harris. "A black guy playing country music? Just give me a chance to do that, because that's what I want to do."

As for their favorite music genre, country and R&B rocked the contestants across the board, but Caleb Johnson likes the '70s hits much better than what's out today. "Now, a goat could be autotuned and put out there, and little girls would buy it!"

THR also caught up with MK Nobilette, the first contestant in Idol history to say on camera that she is "obviously gay." Her aunt is the one who convinced her to audition for the show. "She said just go for it ... She told me tonight that she's buying tickets and she's gonna be at the next show."

Nobilette has a knack for instruments, saying that "I've always had a good ear ... I've would always hear song and pluck them out ont he piano or figure them out on the guitar. I was always musically in tune."

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She hopes to write her own album material soon, and has a few ideas for tracks already. "I don't have any really songs yet, I feel like, but it's mostly writing down thoughts and putting them to music," she said.

Watch THR's chat with MK Nobilette in the video below, and check in with all of the top 13 contestants in the reel above.

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