How 'Casual Fling' Brings Themes of 'Fatal Attraction' to Comics

AWA Casual Fling Announcement
The publisher behind the project describes next year's erotic thriller as being like the 1987 movie, but for the #MeToo generation.

The next series from Artists, Writers and Artisans’ Upshot imprint breaks new ground for the independent publisher, with Casual Fling being its first erotic thriller — a title described by AWA as Fatal Attraction for the #MeToo generation.

What started as a seeming one night stand turns out to be something far longer lasting — and more dangerous — for attorney Jennifer Ryan, when her lover reappears unexpectedly, seemingly hellbent on destroying her marriage and her reputation, as can be seen in the exclusive preview at the end of this post.

“For me, the most exciting thrillers come out of real-life situations, situations we can all imagine ourselves getting into — if the stars line up the wrong way,” writer Jason Starr told The Hollywood Reporter. “Casual Fling is an erotic thriller about how one mistake can tear a family apart, but it’s also about control — using sex to control, but also about how the decisions we make can control the outcomes of our lives. It’s ultimately an extremely empowering story.”

Starr praised the work of his artist on the series, Dalibor Talajic — who has “done a beautiful job of bringing the story to life,” he said — and Talajic talked about the effort it took to make that happen.

“I needed my ink line to be very smooth, very clean,” he explained. “We are dealing with a thrilling moment in the life of an upper-class woman, so, the look I was going for was almost chic. Finally, I wanted panels themselves to tell this story in the very layout: they overlap, they ‘fight’ with one another, suggesting hidden layers in an everyday NY family. It's a very complex story, and I felt I had to tell it that way. I can only hope we've all achieved in our goal to bring to life a tale of hard choices in a compelling way. For one, my wife thinks this is the best comic book I've ever done. And trust me — it’s not a small thing…”

Casual Fling launches Feb. 10; a preview can be found below.