The Top 7 Takeaways from Gwyneth Paltrow’s In Goop Health Event with Porsche

Guests lapped a racetrack and sipped collagen at the $1,000 non-woo-woo outing.

Following pandemic-driven digital experiences in 2020, Goop’s ninth and sold-out IRL In Goop Health summit took place at the Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles in Carson, California, on Sunday, Nov. 7. A more intimate group of 200 Goop-ites (compared to up to 650 at past summits) doled out $1,000 apiece, while 50 VIP guests dropped $1,450 for a day filled with workshops on creativity, love, astrology and belonging; product pop-up stations and tarot readings; and a new 45-minute Porsche track driving experience.

Also on the schedule: a Goop Kitchen lunch and two talks led by Paltrow, with UC Berkeley neuroscience and psychology professor Matthew Walker, PhD, on sleep and with monk-turned-podcaster and life coach Jay Shetty on life wisdom and purpose, plus swag bags overflowing with GP’s favorite things.

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Here are seven surprisingly pragmatic takeaways from Goop’s latest lineup, plus how to shop some of the Paltrow-approved products from the event.

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Starry guests and shock value are out — B12, tea and collagen are in.

This year welcomed a sobering, pandemic-inspired practicality. Gone were Hollywood guest panelists, Marianne Williamson and political talk, or any mention of cannabis, psychedelics, even alcohol. Workshops included “Finding Purpose through Astrology” with Chani Nicholas translating star and sun signs into leadership style, and “Getting the Love You Want,” featuring Sara Nasserzaddeh, PhD, advising guests to follow commitment, compassion and compatibility rather than butterflies-in-the-stomach passion.

Guests sipped on SkinTe Collagen Sparkling Tea, hot or cold Equitea, Kollo Black Tea, Aura Inner Beauty’s collagen mocktails or water. Some women did pull down their trousers for an injection in the bum of the raciest cocktail — Hydration Room’s B12 shots with a glutathione boost for “energy, mental clarity, detox and skin glow,” according to the injectors.

Sex products are seen during In goop Health Summit presented by Porsche 2021 at Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles on Nov. 7, 2021. Courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for goop

Driving can be a metaphor for life.

“Driving’s my obsession. I’m an excellent driver. I’m too fast and I curse the whole time!” said Paltrow in opening remarks, thanking Porsche for “being so aligned with us on the theme of dreams and dreaming big and dreaming your way into new incarnations of yourself.”

Each guest took a pedal-to-the-metal spin around the 1.3-mile handling circuit in a $117k Porsche 911 Carrera S, while instructors coached them to keep their gaze ahead, not down.

There was also a lesson on “steering with conviction” while driving a $151k Porsche Taycan Turbo on a slippery hydraulic kick plate. “There are two kinds of people: trained and untrained, now you are prepared for this situation,” said one Porsche coach. Goop billed the driving activity as “the chance to experience being in your body in a new way.”

VIP attendees at the 2021 In Goop Health Summit enjoyed a 45-minute Porsche track driving experience. Courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for goop

Insomnia help: sex, pub in the morning, Oura rings.

Walker talked about anxiety as the primary cause for a proliferation of insomnia cases that he dubbed “wired and tired.” His tips for a better night’s sleep include warm baths or showers, dimming half to three-quarters of the lights at home one hour before bed, not staying in bed awake for longer than 30 minutes, and sex or masturbation (the release of oxytocin promotes relaxation). “Girls, we have something for this!’ said Paltrow, referring to her new $55 libido-boosting DTF supplements and $89 Ultraplush Self-Heat G-Spot Vibrator.

She also professed a love for the $300 sleep-scoring Oura Ring (Walker is an adviser to the company). “If I were to offer a nonpolitically correct suggestion, it would be to go to the pub in the morning — that way the alcohol is out of your system by the evening!” he proclaimed after detailing the adverse effects of alcohol on sleep.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew Walker at the 2021 In Goop Health Summit presented by Porsche. Courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Goop

Beauty secrets: facial massage, silk pillowcases, serum skin tints.

Facialist-to-the-stars Lord Gavin Mcleod-Valentine (Julia Garner, Laura Dern, Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon, Lola Leon, Edgar Ramirez) was on hand to demonstrate home facial massage techniques using Augustinus Bader luxury skincare products. Australian brand Slip held court in another corner with an iPhone recharge and silk pillowcase personalization station with complimentary embroidery of phrases such as “Pillow Talk.”

And Ilia Beauty, the Laguna Beach clean cosmetics company, offered makeup touch-ups while promoting its nourishing Super Serum Skin Tint with built-in sunscreen. An on-site Goop shop peddled recent launches such as a $48 GoopGlow Restore + Shine Hair Serum and a $42 GoopGenes Clean Lip Balm Trio.

Products ranging from sex toys to skin care were on offer at the In Goop Health Summit’s on-site boutique. Courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Goop

Four habits of happiness: gratitude, inspiration, meditation, exercise.

Shetty spoke to how he has learned to use four daily habits (thankfulness, inspiration, meditation and exercise) to build a foundation of strength and joy. “Send a text, send a voicemail, send an email, send a message to someone you’re grateful to for the next seven days and make it very specific,” said the life coach. “Say thank you for what this felt like, looked like, smelled like. Share the depth of how that experience was for you … Gratitude’s meant to be shared; it’s a gift you give someone else.”

Two sources of inspiration for Shetty are Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement address (he listened to it every day for nine months) and Matthew McConaughey’s 2014 Oscars acceptance speech as best actor for Dallas Buyers Club (he listened to it every day for 30 days). He and Paltrow both practice transcendental meditation.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Shetty speak at the 2021 In Goop Health Summit. Courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Goop

Creativity can be cultivated.

Psychiatrist and brain researcher Srini Pillay, MD, outlined a series of exercises to enhance creativity, such as 15-minute power naps, doodling, creative walking sessions (preferably on a curvy rather than straight or zig-zag path), 20 minutes of “positive, constructive daydreaming” (imagining playful imagery while gardening or knitting), and literally thinking outside of the box by stepping out of closed spaces for regular breaks or knocking down walls in a video game. He even promotes a theory of “psychological Hallloweenism” where one acts out an eccentric identity in order to jolt the brain into a more creative state. It’s about breaking out of mental obstructions and into new possibilities “to give others the gift of you,” he says, adding that three 20-minute creative breaks per day are “compulsory.”

Srini Pillay, M.D. speaks during In Goop Health Summit. Courtesy of Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Goop

Goop Kitchen offers good clean nibbles.

The March 2021 launch of Goop Kitchen in L.A. with chef Kim Floresca offered a delicious new in-house extension of the summit menu. For lunch, guests could choose from favorites such as Brentwood Chinese Chicken Salad, the Goop Mediterranean Plate and Miso Salmon Salad with Japanese Sweet Potato Soup or Turmeric Chicken Bone Broth and Coco Chocolate Chip Cookies. (On Nov. 1, Goop Kitchen opened a second kitchen location in Studio City, significantly expanding its footprint in L.A.) Supplemental snacks included Alt Pop turmeric popped lotus seeds and Air Cheese cheddar bites.

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