'Caroline' to 'Wale': The 10 Live-Action Shorts Vying for Oscar Nominations

8:30 AM 1/10/2019

by Tara Bitran

The Academy's shortlisted films explore unique friendships, family dynamics and societal issues in 40 minutes or less.

Courtesy of TIFF

  • 'Caroline'

    The film, which played at Cannes, comes from veteran short filmmakers Logan George and Celine Held. The titular 6-year-old is charged with taking care of her siblings after they're left in a car on a hot Texas day.

  • 'Chuchotage'

    This Hungarian short, a workplace dramedy from Barnabas Toth that takes cues from Christopher Guest, is set during a conference where two interpreters realize that only one person is listening to them.

  • 'Detainment'

    Based on the true story of a 2-year-old boy who was abducted in the U.K. in the early '90s, Irish filmmaker Vincent Lambe's film uses real interview transcripts with the suspects — two 10-year-old boys.

  • 'Fauve'

    The French-language short from Jeremy Comte has screened everywhere from Telluride to TIFF and earned a special jury prize at Sundance. It's set in an isolated surface mine in Quebec, where two boys compete in a game of one-upmanship.

  • 'Icare'

    Nicolas Boucart's fanciful narrative is set on a tiny island, home to an inventor who is obsessed with the idea of flight (the short's name is inspired by the Greek myth of Icarus).

  • 'Marguerite'

    The LGBTQ film, from Montreal writer-director Marianne Farley, centers on the friendship between an aging woman and her nurse.

  • 'May Day'

    Belgian filmmakers Fedrik De Beul and Olivier Magis' 21-minute satire brings together a group of people who all have the same goal: winning a job via auction.

  • 'Mother'

    The Spanish-language short from director Rodrigo Sorogoyen centers on a woman's search to find her 6-year-old son, who calls her from an empty beach in France where he has been visiting his father. Mother earned the best fiction short film honor in February at the Goya Awards, Spain's version of the Oscars.

  • 'Skin'

    Israeli filmmaker Guy Nattiv's modern-day, topical take on a butterfly-effect-style story takes place in a supermarket, where a black man smiles at a 10-year-old white boy — a small, seemingly innocuous moment that spirals into gang violence.

  • 'Wale'

    This is the first major credit for writer-director Barnaby Blackburn, whose short follows a black teenager trying to rejoin society after spending time in juvenile corrections.

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