10 Spooky Games to Play This Halloween

7:30 AM 10/26/2019

by Matt Cabral

This year has seen a number of creepy, scary and downright disturbing video game releases. Here are the best to get you ready for the holiday.

From left: 'Resident Evil 2,' 'Days Gone,' 'Control'
From left: 'Resident Evil 2,' 'Days Gone,' 'Control'
Courtesy of Games

It's been a frighteningly good year for horror game fans. Beginning with the January release of Resident Evil 2, the past 10 months have delivered a steady stream of scares, from traditional survival-focused entries to more action-packed, zombie gut-spilling adventures. 

With Halloween creeping around the corner, it's the perfect time to dive in — or revisit — some of 2019's best goosebumps-inducing titles. Whether you're craving some serious scares or more lighthearted frights, the following games will help set the mood for All Hallows' Eve.

  • Resident Evil 2

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Courtesy of Capcom

    Rebuilt from the ground up, Capcom's survival horror classic returns better and bloodier than ever. Featuring a stunning visual presentation, updated controls and immersive audio design, Resident Evil 2 brings the zombie-infested Raccoon City Police Department to life (and death) like never before. Offering a bone-chilling blend of cryptic puzzles, resource conservation and encounters with infected freaks, this one is best enjoyed with the lights down and the volume up.

  • The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Courtesy SuperMassive Games

    The first entry in a promising new anthology horror series, Man of Medan comes from the same folks who spooked gamers with 2015's excellent Until Dawn. Much like that interactive slasher film, their latest is a choice-driven experience that puts the fates of its protagonists in your hands. Because the game's main characters — five friends on a diving expedition gone horribly wrong — can all perish by the story's conclusion, you can expect multiple varying outcomes depending on your decisions.

  • The Sinking City

    PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC

    Courtesy Frogwares

    The Sinking City is heavily inspired by writer H.P. Lovecraft's specific style of eldritch horror. You'll find yourself in the shoes of a private investigator tasked with unraveling a supernatural mystery in a 1920s New England fishing town. Expect many a foreboding atmosphere and twisty tale.

  • MediEvil

    PlayStation 4

    More fun and colorful than a bag full of candy, MediEvil feels like a love letter to all things Halloween. A visually impressive remake of the original PlayStation-era cult classic, this hack-and-slash romp sports a skeleton hero, haunted graveyards, scarecrows-come-to-life, creepy pumpkin creatures and enough imaginative ghouls, ghosts and goblins to stretch a smile across Tim Burton's face. While not especially scary, MediEvil makes for a fun, personality-packed celebration of the season.

  • Blair Witch

    Xbox One, PC

    Courtesy of Bloober Team

    Better than either of the original film's sequels, this interactive return to the Black Hills Forest puts players in the boots of a former police officer searching for a missing child. From behind a flickering flashlight, you'll explore the haunted woods, uncover disturbing secrets, manipulate found-footage and stumble upon more than a few scenes capable of seeding future nightmares. Thankfully, the psychological scares are offset by Bullet, a canine partner that provides companionship when he's not sniffing out clues or growling at monsters.

  • Days Gone

    PlayStation 4

    Courtesy of Sony

    Days Gone doesn't quite clear the high bar set by other recent PS4 exclusives, but the open-world action-adventure does breathe fresh life into the undead genre while satisfying our need to open zombies from brain-stem to bellybutton. On top of unfolding in a beautiful Pacific Northwest setting, it features satisfying combat, engaging survival elements and the ability to explore the world (and escape rampaging foes) from behind the handlebars of a motorcycle. The game's massive swarms of Freakers and terrifying, childlike Newts will also be among the scariest images to splash across your screen this year.

  • A Plague Tale: Innocence

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Courtesy Asobo Studio

    If zombies and ghosts don't keep you up at night, perhaps a swarm of infected rats erupting from the rotting flesh of a dead horse will do the trick. A Plague Tale: Innocence packs more than its fair share of disturbing imagery, but the game also balances its nightmare-conjuring moments with emotional storytelling and thoughtful character-building. As an orphaned sister-and-brother duo being hunted by the Inquisition, you'll leverage a variety of clever mechanics to combat and evade human adversaries, solve puzzles and keep the relentless rodent horde from getting under your skin ... literally.

  • Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

    PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch


    Long before there was any talk of a Ghostbusters reboot, this surprisingly good spinoff was considered the second movie's official canon sequel. Penned by Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd — and featuring the voices and likeness of the original cast, including Bill Murray — the action-adventure puts you behind the proton pack of a new spook-slaying recruit. Brimming with fan service (from a new  encounter with the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to fresh, quippy banter between the Ghostbusters), the game's stream-crossing shenanigans still hold up 10 years later.

  • Control

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

    Courtesy of Remedy Entertainment

    The latest from the makers of Alan Wake might not be a full-on horror game, but its X-Files-flavored vibe delivers more than its fair share of supernatural frights. As protagonist Jesse Faden, you'll explore the Oldest House, a secret government agency tasked with investigating paranormal phenomenon, in which you'll collect mysterious Objects of Power and encounter dark, otherworldly aggressors dubbed the Hiss. We won't spoil this creepy game-of-the-year contender, but suffice to say Control's absorbing, sinister story will stick with you long after its credits roll.

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

    PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC


    A creepy castle, bloodsucking bosses and more hellspawn than you can shake a raised crucifix at collide in this modern-day take on the classic Castlevania formula. If Gothic horror is your jam, you'll love exploring Bloodstained's sprawling, side-scrolling estate as you wield steel, cast spells and summon underworld uglies to help do your bidding. Best of all, you can play this one anywhere on a Nintendo Switch, making it the perfect game to enjoy under the covers on Halloween night.