11 Ways to Get Involved in Women's Rights Issues Around Los Angeles

6:30 AM 6/1/2018

by Monica Corcoran Harel

Check out progressive organizations created and led by Hollywood women and the candidates, causes and at-risk groups they support.

A Drain in the NRA Protest - Embed 2018

A Drain the NRA protest in downtown L.A. on Feb. 19. 

Sparked by President Donald Trump's election, women in Hollywood have formed political groups and PACs to create change nationwide. In the May 30 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, executives, writers, producers and actors discuss their advocacy for stricter gun control, flipping the house and fighting for feminism.

Here are 11 groups in Los Angeles that are walking the walk of Hollywood politics.

  1. 1

    LA Women's Collective

    Where: Brentwood/Santa Monica

    Who: Heidi Fugeman Lindelof, TriStar's Hannah Minghella, ICM's Hannah Linkenhoker

    What: Electing female candidates as a PAC


  2. 2

    No formal name

    Where: Beverly Hills

    Who: ABC Sports' Suzy Shuster Eisen, 7 Days in Entebbe executive producer Liza Chasin, The Mayor executive producer Jamie Tarses, executive director of Matthew McConaughey's Just Keep Livin Foundation Shannon Mabrey Rotenberg

    What: Gun violence prevention

  3. 3

    Showing Up for Racial Justice

    Where: Culver City

    Who: Producer Megan Wolpert, Chicks Who Script podcast co-founder Lauren Schacher, How to Get Away With Murder actor Matt McGorry

    What: Working toward racial justice

  4. 4

    March On

    Where: West Hollywood

    Who: Imagine Television president Samie Kim Falvey, Gotham Group CEO Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Annapurna TV head Sue Naegle, attorney Laura Wasser, Lysa Heslov

    What: Turning states blue

  5. 5

    Take Back the Ninth

    Where: Hollywood Hills

    Who: Designated Survivor casting director Liz Dean, Fresh Off the Boat consulting producer Dana Klein, The Catch consulting producer Rina Mimoun, TV director Nzinga Stewart (Grey's Anatomy), musician Inara George

    What: Rotating issues, from legislative action to women's rights. Dean co-founded the group to protest the new administration that was ushered in the day after elections on Nov. 8, 2016.

  6. 6

    No formal name

    Where: Hancock Park

    Who: Sony Pictures Animation president Kristine Belson, TV producer Jennifer Levin, Nailed It! exec producer Jane Lipsitz

    What: Electing Democratic candidates; feeding the homeless in L.A.

  7. 7

    Women's Forum

    Where: Hancock Park

    Who: Sony Pictures Entertainment senior vp Gloria Hann, Jaywalker Pictures' Jayme Lemons, Lizzy Caplan, Marina Black Goyer

    What: Reproductive rights; electing female candidates

  8. 8

    Persist Happy Hour

    Where: Los Feliz

    Who: Netflix content acquisitions director Lisa Hamilton Daly, Good Girls Revolt producer Bronwyn Garrity, comedian Annabelle Gurwitch, TV writer Laurie Israel

    What: Swinging the House left

  9. 9

    Feminists in Action

    Where: Silver Lake

    Who: Writer Jessi Klein, ABC Studios' Jenny Fritz, June Diane Raphael

    What: Electing progressive women; equality for all


  10. 10

    Drain the NRA

    Where: Highland Park

    Who: Comedian and writer Laura Mannino, TV writer Erica Rosbe (Rick and Morty)

    What: Gun violence prevention


  11. 11

    Demand the Vote

    Where: Sherman Oaks

    Who: K.C. Undercover creator Corinne Marshall, TV producer Becky Hartman Edwards

    What: Voter registration education


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