15 International Series to Binge Watch This Summer

9:13 AM 7/4/2017

by Scott Roxborough

Brit comedy, Tasmanian mystery and Norway's answer to 'Homeland' will help you waste your time on those long summer nights.


This Homeland-style thriller follows Norwegian special forces soldier Erling Rilser (local star Aksel Hennie) on tour in Afghanistan, his wife Johanne (Tuva Novotny), a government official, and explores the impact —political, economic and personal —of the global war on terror.

  • Crazyhead

    A Brit fantasy-action-comedy that channels Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as a pair of Millennial demon hunters (Susan Wokoma and Cara Theobald from Downton Abbey) battle the supernatural. From Misfits writer Howard Overman.

  • Catastrophe

    If you still haven't checked out Amazon's Brit-set sitcom, now's the time. Catastrophe mines the dark and depraved for some surprisingly sweet results in its story of Sharon and Rob (co-creators and stars Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney) whose no-strings relationship turns serious when Sharon gets pregnant.

  • One More Time

    The plot of this Korean love story — pop star sells out then finds himself caught in a Groundhog Day-style time warp reliving the same day over and over — is bananas but viewers willing to give in will be rewarded with a crazy, and delightful, modern-day fairytale.

  • My Mad Fat Diary

    A very frank, and still very funny, look at teen troubles, in the form of overweight, depressed 16-year-old Rae Earl (Sharon Rooney), who struggles with body issues and mental illness without losing her sense of humor.

  • Shadow of Truth

    The true crime docuseries that shocked Israel, Shadow of Truth looks at the brutal murder of a 13-year-old girl killed in a high school bathroom and the questions surrounding the trial, and conviction, of a suspect on scant evidence. Think Making a Murderer in Hebrew.

  • Chewing Gum

    The perfect antidote for all those whose image of Britain comes solely from Downton Abbey and The Crown. This comedy follows a young black woman (the extraordinary Michaela Coel) growing up on a council estate (urban projects) who's strict mother doesn't approve of her relationship to a white boy from the neighborhood.

  • Cable Girls

    Another top-notch Spanish melodrama from the producers of hits Velvet and Grand Hotel, this period series is set in Madrid, circa 1928, and follows four very different young woman who get work as "cable girls," for the national telephone company, the only place that represents progress and modernity for women at the time.

  • The Kettering Incident

    An Aussie answer to Twin Peaks starring The Night Manager's Elizabeth Debicki as a doctor who's been suffering from strange nosebleeds and memory gaps, apparently related to an incident from her childhood, when her friend Gillian disappeared in a Tasmanian forest in Kettering. Creepy, cool and stylish as hell.

  • Call My Agent

    Billed as the French answer to Entourage, this slick comedy, set in an A-list Parisian film agency, features Gallic stars playing nasty, career-driven versions of themselves. A must for French film fans, who can spot the many star cameos.

  • A Very Secret Service

    This droll spy parody from Netflix manages to be both funny and clever, mixing dry wit with a sharp sense of satire as it lampoons the Cold War paranoia and bureaucratic inanity of the 1960s French secret service.

  • Heirs

    The first Korean drama co-produced with U.S. streaming service DramaFever, this Gossip Girls-style teen melodrama, set at a high-school for the super rich, has been a ratings hit across Asia and is the perfect gateway drug for your entry into the glitz-and-glam world of K-Drama.

  • Nobel

    This Homeland-style thriller follows Norwegian special forces soldier Erling Rilser (local star Aksel Hennie) on tour in Afghanistan, his wife Johanne (Tuva Novotny), a government official, and explores the impact — political, economic and personal — of the global war on terror.

  • Ingobernable

    House of Cards meets Telenovella land in this soapy drama centered on Mexico's First Lady, played by Kate del Castillo (the actress who helped broker the meeting between Sean Penn and Mexican drug lord El Chapo), whose hopes for peace in her country start to unravel when a scandal threatens her husband's political career.

  • Umbre

    The Sopranos, Bucharest-style. This Romanian gangster drama, from HBO Europe, follows a small-time taxi driver and family man who also works as a debt collector for the local mob boss.

  • El Marginal

    This gritty Argentine drama, winner of top prize at last year's Series Mania festival in France, has a plot straight out of genre 101: an ex-cop goes undercover to infiltrate a prison gang and try and find the kidnapped daughter of a local judge. But the unique setting, and pitch-perfect execution makes this show worth the time.