20 Stars Who Pledged to Flee the Country If Trump Was Elected: Where Are They Now?

9:44 AM 11/10/2016

by Caitlin Greenho

Will Lena Dunham really move to Canada? Is Amy Schumer packing her bags for Spain? Here, a post-election update.

Lena Dunham, left, and Amy Schumer
Lena Dunham, left, and Amy Schumer
D Dipasupil/FilmMagic; C Flanigan/Getty Images

Several stars pledged to leave the country if Donald Trump was elected president.

Many said they'd move to Canada (Lena Dunham, Snoop Dogg), some suggested Europe (Spain for Amy Schumer, Italy for Omari Hardwick) or Africa (Samuel L. Jackson), and one even said Jupiter would be the ideal destination (Cher).

So are they planning to follow through on those promises? Here, a post-election update.