ADG Awards: 'The Revenant,' 'Mad Max,' 'The Martian' Win Feature Categories

11:10 AM 2/1/2016

by Carolyn Giardina

'Game of Thrones,' 'Homeland' and 'American Horror Story' also are among the winners.

'Mad Max' Sound Editors - H 2015
Courtesy of Warner Bros.

The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road and The Martian won the feature film awards at the Art Directors Guild's 20th annual Excellence in Production Design Awards, held Sunday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. 

The feature competition is divided into three categories, for period, contemporary and fantasy films. Production designer Jack Fisk's work on The Revenant won the category for a period film, Colin Gibson's work on Mad Max: Fury Road topped the fantasy film category and production designer Arthur Max's work on The Martian won the contemporary category.

All three feature winners, along with ADG nominees Bridge of Spies and The Danish Girl, are nominated for the Oscar in production design. In three of the past four years, the ADG period film category winner went on to win the Oscar.

During the evening, Josh Brolin presented David O. Russell with the Guild’s Cinematic Imagery Award.

Recipients of Lifetime Achievement Awards were Patrizia von Brandenstein, the first woman to win an Oscar in production design (Amadeus); William J. Newmon, II, the first African-American set designer in Hollywood (Poltergeist); scenic artist Bill Anderson (Cleopatra); and Oscar-nominated matte artist Harrison Ellenshaw (Tron).

Additionally, four women were inducted into the ADG Hall of Fame: production designer Carmen Dillon, production designer and illustrator Dorothea Holt Redmond, production and costume designer Patricia Norris and art director and set designer Dianne Wager.

Eva Marie Saint presented Robert Osborne as the first recipient of ADG’s newly created William Cameron Menzie Award for his work in championing classic motion pictures. Osborne was ill and unable to attend the ceremony.

During the evening, ADG past president Tom Walsh led a tribute to the late Murray Weissman, whom he called ADG's "friend, champion ... and guiding light."

A complete list of winners follows.

  • Period Film

    The Revenant (WINNER)

    Production designer: Jack Fisk


    Bridge of Spies

    Production designer: Adam Stockhausen


    Crimson Peak

    Production designer: Thomas E. Sanders


    The Danish Girl

    Production designer: Eve Stewart



    Production designer: Mark Ricker


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  • Fantasy Film

    Mad Max: Fury Road (WINNER)

    Production designer: Colin Gibson



    Production designer: Dante Ferretti


    Jurassic World

    Production designer: Edward Verreaux


    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Production designers: Rick Carter, Darren Gilford



    Production designer: Scott Chambliss

  • Contemporary Film

    The Martian (WINNER)

    Production designer: Arthur Max


    Ex Machina

    Production designer: Mark Digby



    Production designer: Judy Becker



    Production designer: Patrice Vermette



    Production designer: Dennis Gassner


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  • One-Hour Period or Fantasy Single-Camera Series

    Game of Thrones: "High Sparrow," "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken," "Hardhome" (WINNER)

    Production designer: Deborah Riley


    Downton Abbey: "A Moorland Holiday"

    Production designer: Donal Woods


    Gotham: "Strike Force," "Dammed If You Do…"

    Production designer: Richard Berg


    The Knick: "Ten Knots," "The Best With the Best to Get the Best," "Wonderful Surprises"

    Production designer: Howard Cummings


    Mad Men: "Person to Person"

    Production designer: Dan Bishop

  • One-Hour Contemporary Single-Camera Series

    Homeland: "The Tradition of Hospitality," "All about Allison," "The Litvinov Ruse" (WINNER)

    Production designer: John D. Kretschmer


    Better Call Saul: "Five-O," "Rico," "Marco"

    Production designer: Tony Fanning


    Empire: "Pilot"

    Production designer: Steve Saklad


    House of Cards: "Chapter 29," "Chapter 36"

    Production designer: Steve Arnold


    True Detective: "The Western Book of the Dead," "Night Finds You," "Omega Station"

    Production designer: Alex Digerlando


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  • Television Movie or Limited Series

    American Horror Story: Hotel: "Checking In" (WINNER)

    Production designer: Mark Worthington



    Production designer: Clark Hunter


    Fargo: "Waiting for Dutch," "Before the Law," "Fear and Trembling"

    Production designer: Warren Alan Young


    Tut: "Power," "Betrayal," "Destiny"

    Production designer: Michael Hanan


    Wolf Hall: "Three Card Trick"

    Production designer: Pat Campbell


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  • Half Hour Single-Camera Series

    The Muppets: "The Ex-Factor," "Pig's in a Blanket" (WINNER)

    Production designer: Denise Pizzini


    The Last Man on Earth: "Alive in Tucson," "Is Anybody out There?," "Silent Night"

    Production designer: Bruce Robert Hill


    Silicon Valley: "Sand Hill Shuffle," "Homicide," "Adult Content"

    Production designer: Richard Toyon


    Transparent: "Kina Hora," "The Book of Life," "Oscillate"

    Production designer: Cat Smith


    Veep: "Joint Session," "Election Night"

    Production designer: James Gloster

  • Multi-Camera Series

    The Big Bang Theory: "The Skywalker Incursion," "The Mystery Date Observation," "The Platonic Permutation" (WINNER)

    Production designer: John Shaffner


    2 Broke Girls: "And the Escape Room," "And the Maybe Baby," "And the Coming out Party"

    Production designer: Glenda Rovello


    Clipped: "Dreamers," "Wi-Fi," "World's Rudest Barbershop"

    Production designer: Greg Grande


    Mom: "Mashed Potatoes and a Little Nitrous," "Six Popes and Red Ferrari,""Fun Girl Stuff and Eternal Salvation"

    Production designer: John Shaffner


    Truth Be Told: "Pilot," "Big Black Coffee," "Members Only"

    Production designer: Stephan Olson

  • Awards or Event Special

    The Oscars: 2015 (WINNER)

    Production designer: Derek Mclane


    67th Annual Emmy Awards

    Production designers: Tamlyn Wright, Baz Halpin


    The American Music Awards: 2015

    Production designers: Joe Stewart, John Shaffner


    Saturday Night Live: "40th Anniversary Special"

    Production designers: Keith Ian Raywood, Eugene Lee, Akira Yoshimura, N. Joseph Detullio, Peter Baran


    The Wiz Live

    Production designer: Derek Mclane

  • Short Format: Web Series, Music Video or Commercial

    Apple Music: "The History of Sound" (WINNER)

    Production designer: Jess Gonchor


    American Horror Story: Hotel: "Hallways"

    Production designer: Zach Mathews


    Duracell — Star Wars: "Battle for Christmas Morning"

    Production designer: Tom Meyer


    Madonna: "Ghosttown"

    Production designer: Emma Fairley


    Victoria's Secret: "Rome"

    Production designer: Jeffrey Beecroft

  • Variety, Reality or Competition Series

    Key & Peele: "Ya'll Ready for This?" "The End" (WINNER)

    Production designer: Gary Kordan


    Conan: "At Comic-Con"

    Production designer: Christopher Goumas


    The Ellen DeGeneres Show: "Halloween"

    Production designer: Scott Moses


    Saturday Night Live: "Tracey Morgan/Demi Lovato," "Scarlett Johansson/Wiz Khalifa," "Miley Cyrus"

    Production designers: Keith Ian Raywood, Eugene Lee, Akira Yoshimura, N. Joseph Detullio


    Top Chef: "Stop the Presses"

    Production designer: James Pearse Connelly


    The Voice Season 9: "Blind Auditions Premiere," "Battles Premiere," "The Knockouts Premiere"

    Production designers: Anton Goss, James Pearse Connelly


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