Super Bowl: Watch All the Star-Studded Commercials

2:51 PM 2/1/2017

by Lexy Perez

From Jason Statham and Gal Gadot's mini action spot to the first live commercial with Adam Driver, here are the celebrity ads to watch out for Sunday.

Melissa McCarthy, Tom Brady, Adam Driver
Melissa McCarthy, Tom Brady, Adam Driver

The Super Bowl may be all about the two competing football teams, but for many watching, it's the commercials that truly take center stage.

Each year, a handful of ads are pre-released ahead of the big game, which on Feb. 5 will see the New England Patriots take on the Atlanta Falcons and welcome Lady Gaga during the halftime show. In the 30- to 90- second TV spots (where a 30-second spot costs an all-time high of $5 million), advertisers have grown more and more competitive and many companies are upping the ante to launch marketing stunts: Super Bowl LI will see its first ever live commercial when Snickers enlists Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Adam Driver; Deepwater Horizon director Peter Berg is teaming with Hyundai to film a 90-second spot during the game; and Jason Statham and Gal Gadot are lending their star power for the first Super Bowl live campaign launch.

Included in the countdown for celebrity-led ads that will play in full during the game are teaser spots for Melissa McCarthy’s comedic Kia Niro ad, Patriots QB Tom Brady’s Intel feature and Justin Timberlake's Bai commercial, which is set to feature a surprise guest.

Here is a roundup of the commercials featuring Hollywood stars that are set to air during the Super Bowl, which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on Fox.

Check back Sunday for full versions of the ads, as well as the anticipated movie trailers for Transformers: The Last Knight, Ghost in the Shell, Life and many more, with THR's day-of coverage.

  • Justin Bieber Buttons Up for T-Mobile

    Dressed in a Dior Homme tuxedo, Justin Bieber introduces himself as a "Celebration Expert" in a 60-second spot for T-Mobile. Touting "Everyone loves unlimited," the singer traces the evolution of the touchdown dance — calling out New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski and Terrell Owens — and encourages viewers to share their own versions of an end-zone celebration by using the #UnlimitedMoves hashtag. Bieber, who launched the spot on Twitter, finishes the ad by showing off a few of his trademark dance moves. The carrier also teased a surprise spot with pair Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg on Friday.

  • Melissa McCarthy Runs Away and Saves the World for Kia Niro

    During the third quarter, Melissa McCarthy will star in a 60-second spot for the new hybrid Kia Niro. Two 15-second teasers were released last week, with one narrated by the actress and another showing her being chased by something out of the camera's eye. McCarthy is also shown desperately trying to be "everyone's hero" and save the world. Last year, Kia’s Super Bowl commercial starred actor Christopher Walken

  • Tom Brady Becomes Interactive for Intel

    Keep an eye out for Tom Brady both on and off the field. On Jan. 12, Intel released their 30-second ad starring the Super Bowl contender and Patriots quarterback. The “Brady Everyday” TV spot features the athlete going about his morning routine while showcasing Intel’s 360 replay. The technology allows Super Bowl viewers to pause parts of the game and view any moment in various angles for an all-access view of the field with Intel’s “Be the Player” technology. 

  • Jason Statham and Gal Gadot Bring the Action Thrill for Wix

    Wix, a website builder, streamed their 60-second TV spot featuring Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Fast & Furious 8: The Fate of The Furious star Jason Statham last week in the first live launch for a Super Bowl campaign. In the ad, the two action stars fiercely battle attackers in a restaurant, while the chef keeps his headphones on while working on his new website, utilizing Wix. Another teaser was recently released showing Statham and Gadot engaging in a thrilling car chase. 

  • Adam Driver Goes Live for Snickers

    Adam Driver makes his Super Bowl debut in the annual event's first live commercial. In the commercial broadcasted live, Driver is shown filming a Western film. While in scene, he accidentally backs into a set piece, which results in the entire set collapsing. The Snickers commercial ends with "You ruin live Super Bowl commercials when you're hungry." Prior to the big game, Snickers released a teaser showing a cut-out of of the Star Wars actor “auditioning” for the commercial that features a horse and a “dead” cowboy. Snickers owner Mars plans to live stream the set for 36 hours ahead of its launch. Last year's Snickers commercial featured Willem Dafoe as Marilyn Monroe.

  • Elizabeth Banks Steps Behind the Camera for Persil ProClean

    Elizabeth Banks makes her Super Bowl directorial debut with Persil ProClean's game-day spot, which will feature Bill Nye "The Science Guy." Brand spokesman Peter Hermann, as stain-fighting superhero "The Professional," assisting a frustrated Nye as his experiment explodes on his white lab coat. Herman assures Nye that Persil gives ten dimensions of clean, a comment that Nye immediately compares to parallel dimensions. The commercial ends with the saying, "It's not just clean, It's Proclean clean." Banks joins the shortlist of female directors helming this year's spots.

  • Honda Inspires Dreamers with Celeb Yearbook Photos

    Honda just released their 1-minute ad, honoring anyone whom has believed and chased their dreams. The commercial brought an all-star cast of celebs portraying yearbook photos of themselves. The elite line-up features high-school aged Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Missy Elliot, Amy Adams, Stan Lee, Jimmy Kimmel, Magic Johnson and Robert Redford. The ad sheds light on the time these famous faces were just dreamers, aspiring to make it in Hollywood. The ad honors Honda's tagline, "The Power of Dreams," as each celeb encourages viewers that any dream is achievable. The ad concludes with a promo for the automaker's all-new Honda CR-V. 

  • John Malkovich Fights for a URL with Squarespace

    The website builder/domain hosting company Squarespace features a stressed John Malkovich desperately trying to sign up for his own URL. The actor comically wonders why it’s so difficult to claim his own domain after realizing is taken. "I really am him, there's a film about me being me," he says before launching a series of F-bombs at the URL takers. In the second spot, released Thursday, the actor calls the owner of the domain and tells him he needs the URL because he's starting a menswear fashion line. "You think when people contact they're actually looking for you? Or maybe, maybe they're looking for me!" he says before screaming, "Get out of my name!"

  • Geoffrey Rush Plays Lady Gaga on the Violin for NatGeo

    National Geographic released their first-ever stand-alone spot to be featured during the Super Bowl. In the 45-second ad, Geoffrey Rush portrays Albert Einstein, whom begins to play his beloved violin. While starting with a harmonious melody, it becomes evident that Rush is playing a song from none other than Lady Gaga, this year's Super Bowl Half-time performer. Throughout the TV spot, Einstein is seen passionately playing a melodic version of "Bad Romance," finishing the teaser with his signature tongue expression. The commercial teases the network's upcoming scripted show, Genius, which includes an all-star cast of, Rush (as Einstein), Emily Watson and Johnny Flynn. The anticipated show will chronicle the life of Einstein and an extended trailer was released in January. The show is executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard and premieres April 25. 

  • Lady Gaga Pulls Double Duty for Tiffany & Co.

    Wile details of Lady Gaga’s halftime performance are under wraps, the singer can be seen in the Super Bowl ad for Tiffany & Co. jewelry, a first for the brand. The 60-second commercial shows Gaga in its latest Legendary Style campaign, which will debut its new fashion jewelry line, called Tiffany HardWear. The brand worked with Vogue editor Grace Coddington and fashion photographer David Sims to create the clip, which shows Gaga speaking unscripted about her creative process, the importance of self-expression and empowerment.

  • Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken Stays Classy with Bai

    Justin Timberlake's much anticipated ad for Bai was released during Super Bowl 51. The TV spot begins with actor Christopher Walken reciting lyrics from *NSYNC's (Timberlake's early career) hit single, "Bye, Bye, Bye," a play on words for "Bai Bai Bai."  As the camera expands, a dapper looking Timberlake is seen sitting on the couch pondering Walken's words. Bai drinks are shown resting on the nearby table. 

  • DJ Khaled, Kathy Bates and David Ortiz Seek Help from Turbo Tax

    Tax experts will be helping Hollywood stars resolve their tax questions during the game. American Horror Story's Kathy Bates learns she has “creepy kids” in her house and wonders if she can claim them as dependents. Rapper DJ Khaled is shown asking for assistance on his “bed and breakfast” home and his new training program he’s conducting. Meanwhile, Boston Red Sox hitter David Ortiz asks whether he can deduct the “walls” he’s been hitting after taking up tennis. The commercial also features the Humpty Dumpty character. 


  • Jon Lovitz Hypnotizes for Avocados From Mexico

    Avocados from Mexico released a 30-second spot featuring a hypnotic Jon Lovitz on Jan. 23. The comedian continuously tries to convince viewers to eat avocado and guacamole in front of a hypnotic green swirl. The second TV spot aired during the big game and comically sheds light on America's biggest myths. 

  • Joe Montana and Mike Singletary Preview "Documentary" Ad for Hyundai

    Hyundai is altering format by making a “Game Day Documentary,” as shown in two pre-released TV spots previewing the groundbreaking new commercial angle. In a departure from Hyundai's Ryan Reynolds ad last year, NFL champions Joe Montana and Mike Singletary preview what’s to come during the big game in their respective TV spots. The 90-second ad will be filmed in real-time and will air during the first commercial break after the game and before the championship trophy is awarded to the winning team. Director Peter Berg (Patriots Day, Lone Survivor, Deep Water Horizon) will helm the live spectacle when Hyundai returns as an official sponsor of Super Bowl LI. 

  • Lil Buck Dances for Lexus

    Renowned automaker Lexus released their dance infused commercial Monday. The ad showcases the new Lexus LS and LC while exploring the idea of a “Man and the Machine.” The dance moves of Lil Buck, performing choreography that represents the special features of each of the cars, is the theme, while actress Minnie Driver adds voice commentary near the end. 

  • Peter Fonda Is Born to Be Wild with Mercedes

    Ready to highlight the new Mercedes-AMG GT, the automaker called upon acclaimed directors Joel and Ethan Coen to make a one-minute TV spot featuring Peter Fonda. Fonda is shown coming back for one last ride on the AMG GT, with Steppenwolf's "Born to be Wild" playing in the background. The commercials plays on the song title by describing the new car as "Built to Be Wild." 

  • Marshawn Lynch Travels to Scotland's Houston with Skittles

    The Super Bowl may take place in Houston, Texas, but former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch traveled to Houston, Scotland, on a Skittles bike to discuss the Super Bowl with Scotland natives. While comically comparing Scotland mannerisms to his own and playing the bagpipes, Lynch gives each person a Skittles bag to enjoy while watching the game. According to Lynch, Skittles get everyone “game ready.”

  • Brett Favre Gets an Encounter from Buffalo Wild Wings

    Former Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre is shown expressing frustration over throwing interceptions during his career. Unable to comprehend his mistake throws, the retired quarterback is paid an unexpected visit from strangers expressing the need to talk to him. They identify themselves as Buffalo Wild Wings and imply that Favre's interceptions weren't his fault. Eager to solve the mystery, Favre catches on to their conspiracy and suspects Buffalo Wild Wings to be the culprit. The spot ends with the suspenseful question, “What the Favre is going on?” and "It wasn't us." 

  • Rob Gronkowski Owns a Cleaners for Tide

    Tide is ready for everyone to realize they provide better cleaning than their traditional competitors. In its first teaser TV spot, Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski owns a dry cleaning business called “Gronk’s Cleaners.” Jeffrey Tambor makes a cameo as Gronkowski’s customer and when the Transparent star is unhappy with the price of his dry cleaned shirt, the commercial ends with an ode to Tide.

  • Model Ellie Gonsalves Parties with Yellow Tail

    Popular Australian wine company Yellow Tail continues featuring its traditional kangaroo in their 30-second TV spot. A man in a yellow suit tells viewers that Yellow Tail brings the fun to any and every party, which it proves by having model Ellie Gonsalves cameo to pet the company’s kangaroo. 

  • Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr Magically Appear for Buick

    Buick brings magic with its one-minute TV spot aired during Super Bowl 51. The commercial is set during a children’s football game. While one of the kid’s dads is cheering on his son, a red Buick Cascada pulls up and parks. When one of the dads points it out, another dad in disbelief says, “If that’s a Buick, then my kid’s Cam Newton.” After this comment, his son immediately transforms into Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton. His son soon dominates the game. At the end of the commercial, a Buick Encore appears leaving more in disbelief. As with Cam Newton, the referee transforms into supermodel Miranda Kerr. 

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger Plays 'Mobile Strike'

    Aiming to show that not all of the action takes place on the field during Super Bowl 51, Arnold Schwarzenegger means business. In the one-minute TV spot, he is shown playing Mobile Strike, an online strategy video game. He transforms into a high-ranking military figure, giving orders bring in heavy artillery. He asks viewers who he is and at the end of the commercial states, "I'm the party pooper." 

  • Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Go Unlimited with T-Mobile

    Premiering during Super Bowl 51, Martha Stewart and hip-hop icon Snoop Dogg discuss how great T-Mobile ONE is for being unlimited. Speaking on the phone carrier's unlimited data plan, Snoop begins to describe it as "all that and..," before Stewart interrupts. As Snoop tries to find the right description, Stewart continues to state possible items that can compare to T-Mobile such as, a purple khushi, perverse lamb chops, greenery and smartphone sweaters that could keep unlimited data "cozy." The commercial ends saying T-Mobile is "All that and more." 

  • Morgan Freeman Travels with Turkish Airlines

    In Turkish Airline's 45-second TV spot aired during Super Bowl 51, actor Morgan Freeman is shown traveling aboard the airline. During the commercial, Freeman speaks on how Turkish Airlines bridges worlds and differences. He states that anyone who likes to "venture to the unexplored" and go out with a "sense of wonder," can be assured that Turkish airlines is "ready to take you there."