WGA Awards: 'Moonlight,' 'Arrival' Win Big at Politically Charged Ceremony

5:04 PM 2/19/2017

by Hilary Lewis, Sara Kempton, and Kimberly Nordyke

"We are living in fictional times," New York host Lewis Black said. "What the hell is fiction anymore when our reality comes off as fiction? Good luck with that one, f—ers."

Oscars - Moonlight Producer Talks Casting Mahershala Ali - H 2017
Courtesy of A24

The 69th annual Writers Guild Awards took place at simultaneous ceremonies in New York and L.A. on Sunday night.

Moonlight, Arrival, The Americans, Saturday Night Live, Last Week With John Oliver and Atlanta were among the projects taking home top awards, with Atlanta winning both best new series and best comedy series honors.

But it wouldn't be an awards show in 2017 if President Donald Trump wasn't the unseen star, with the new administration the target of numerous jokes and commentary from winners and presenters in New York and L.A.. In New York, host Lewis Black kicked the night off by praising writers for being able to handle more criticism and judgment than Trump could handle. Black also referenced Trump's wild, anti-media press conference on Thursday, saying that in watching it, his "brain froze for an hour and a half."

"Once again I was forced to realize we are living at the intersection of satire and reality," Black continued. "We are living in fictional times. … What the hell is fiction anymore when our reality comes off as fiction? Good luck with that one, f—ers."

Black said he was surprised that the writers in the room hadn't tried to imagine the reality Trump's administration has created. "Maybe we couldn't create the menagerie of characters he's surrounded himself with," Black suggested, then offered a brief critique of some of Trump's staffers.

"Kellyanne 'alternative facts' Conway," as Black described her. "She's not the person you hire when you need to explain what a crazy man meant. She's the person you need to get when you want to get rid of your daughter's cheerleading rival. Ben Carson: The first time I heard him speak I thought, 'Wow, I could've been a brain surgeon.' Rick Perry runs twice to be the president, second time with glasses, and says he wants to get rid of the Department of Energy but can't remember its name. Then he quits the race to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars. Trump sees him on the show and says, 'Wow, he's got a lot of energy, let's put him in charge of that department.' … Now he's in charge of our nuclear stockpile. This shit writes itself. Steve Bannon — look I don't care about Breitbart — you know why he scares me? Because he looks like how I feel when I have a hangover. And the big baby himself, Donald Trump — it's actually an insult to call him a baby because babies have more control over their colon than he has over his mouth. That's a hell of a movie and this is only the trailer."

Nevertheless, Black urged writers to continue to create better realities.

"All we can do is keep typing words into the universe. And I know at times it may not seem like much but what you all do, I believe this, is important. It's vital," he said. "You create realities. It's the bloodstream that carries thoughts and visions and makes us better in the end. For God's sakes, you're the people who give us something to do when we have the flu. Keep up the great work and f— 'em if they can't take a joke."

In Beverly Hills, it was also a night of anti-Trump feeling, but Oliver Stone brought the hilarity to a halt with a very sobering speech.

"I want to remind you," he said, in accepting the Laurel lifetime achievement award, "especially you younger writers, that you can be critical of your government and your society. You don't have to fit in. It's fashionable now to take shots at Republicans and Trump and all that, and ignore the Obamas and Clintons. But remember this: In the 13 wars we've started over the last 30 years and the $14 trillion we've spent, and the hundreds of thousands of lives that have perished from this earth, remember that it wasn't one leader, but a system, both Republican and Democrat. Call it what you will: the military industrial money media security complex. It's a system that has been perpetuated under the guise that these are just wars justifiable in the name of our flag that flies so proudly over our lives. Our country has become more prosperous for many but in the name of that wealth we cannot justify our system as a center for the world's values. But we continue to create such chaos and wars."

James Woods had presented Stone with the award, admitting ruefully, "If I and thousands of others hadn't voted for that motherf—er, this show could have been over in 15 minutes."

Until Stone's speech, it had been anti-Trump jibes all around. Host Patton Oswalt made sure everyone knew Woods' affiliation the moment the curtain went up. As Oswalt took the stage, he said he was cautious of mentioning Trump because, "I don't want to be kicked to death by James Woods backstage, which would be an honor by the way." Woods, sitting front row, then climbed onstage and ripped off one of Oswalt's less-than-fancy shoes, waved it at the crowd, pulled a face and shouted, "Look at this! And he's at an awards show!"

Amid the comedy hijinks, however, there was some more serious Trump-baiting. An introductory voiceover advertised a show called "Tiffany Loves Chachi" featuring Tiffany Trump, then went on to name Alfonso Cuaron and Shonda Rhimes, suggesting, "Maybe it's time to build a wall around Hollywood?"

Trump also made an appearance, in the form of comedian Anthony Atamanuik wearing orange makeup and an elaborate wig. As Trump, he said, "WGA: I thought it stood for White Guys Association and I can see from the crowd that is still mostly true." Atamanuik's Trump described sex with Melania Trump before saying, "Everyone here is a terrible biased garbage machine whose hands are even tinier than mine," and ending with, "God bless mother Russia and hail the Fourth Reich."

Trump was also a frequent target of New York ceremony presenter Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, returning to the stage in foul-mouthed puppet form, after creator Robert Smigel and the other writers behind Triumph's Primary Election Special won the award for best comedy/variety special.

As the show inched close to the two-and-a-half-hour mark, Triumph joked, "The only way this show could be longer and more awkward would be if Donald Trump were shaking its hand."

He continued, "What a renaissance of dramas. My favorite is The Americans, the story of Russian spies infiltrating the United States, or as the president calls it, the feel-good show of the year."

After that quip received a smattering of laughter, Triumph added, "It's OK, that joke wasn't funny but it was important. This is not the time to be funny! This is the time to be important. Because that's where the money is. We're going to out-important the shit out of the SAG Awards. … Because what we say on this stage … it will affect the opinions of dozens of Americans, who already agree with everything we say. After tonight they will go from hating Trump to haaaating Trump."

Triumph then presented two of the children's programming awards, getting in a couple of foul-mouthed jokes about Sesame Street ("I knew Snuffleupagus back when he was jerking off grouches behind Mr. Hooper's store") and Carmen Sandiego ("We dated and shot a spinoff of the show for adults, called Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego's G-Spot. Just like Carmen Sandiego, it proved quite elusive").

Back in L.A., honoree Richard Curtis brought some positivity to the evening. In receiving the Valentine Davies award from Jeff Goldblum, he said of Goldblum, "We did our first film together. He's almost the nicest actor I've ever worked with. If Hugh Grant had been anything like him I would have had such a happy life."

In discussing the current political climate, Curtis encouraged using writing skills to help others. Recalling the 20 minutes he'd spent writing a letter to J.K. Rowling asking her to sign some books to donate to a charity auction, he said, "She ended up writing pamphlets and one of those became Fantastic Beasts. … That little letter raised 28 million dollars."

Aaron Sorkin was honored with the Paddy Chayefsky Laurel award, presented by Jeff Daniels. In his acceptance speech, Sorkin also railed against Trump's presidency, saying, "If you think the only trustworthy news source is Fox & Friends, you're out of touch."

The importance of writers, particularly in the news industry, to speak truth to power, was a prominent theme at the East Coast ceremony, where a number of news and radio awards were accepted and those winners expressed their support for the first amendment.

In L.A., presenting the Paul Selvin award to Susannah Grant, Kerry Washington told the audience, "Every single person in Washington works for us."

And Kumail Nanjiani brought things full circle, saying of best adapted screenplay winner Arrival, "It would be horrible if now is when aliens found us! Guys! We're not usually like this. Give us four years. We forgot to pick up and put away the racism. Arrival is great but what we need is a linguist who helps Americans communicate with other Americans."

Additional WGA honorees included John Waters, Steve O'Donnell, Jelani Cobb, late Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami and Dan Wilcox.

A complete list of winners follows.

  • Original Screenplay

    Moonlight (WINNER)
    Written by Barry Jenkins, story by Tarell McCraney; A24

    Hell or High Water
    Written by Taylor Sheridan; CBS Films

    La La Land
    Written by Damien Chazelle; Lionsgate

    Written by Jeff Nichols; Focus Features

    Manchester by the Sea
    Written by Kenneth Lonergan; Amazon Studios/Roadside Attractions


  • Adapted Screenplay

    Arrival  (WINNER)
    Screenplay by Eric Heisserer, based on the story “Story of Your Life” by Ted Chiang; Paramount Pictures 

    Written by Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick, based on the X-Men comic books; Twentieth Century Fox Film

    Screenplay by August Wilson, based on his play; Paramount Pictures 

    Hidden Figures
    Screenplay by Allison Schroeder and Theodore Melfi, based on the book by Margot Lee Shetterly; Twentieth Century Fox Film

    Nocturnal Animals
    Screenplay by Tom Ford, based on the novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright; Focus Features

  • Documentary Screenplay

    Command and Control (WINNER)
    Telescript by Robert Kenner and Eric Schlosser, story by Brian Pearle and Kim Roberts, based on the book by Eric Schlosser; American Experience Films

    Author: The JT LeRoy Story
    Written by Jeff Feuerzeig; Amazon Studios

    Zero Days
    Written by Alex Gibney; Magnolia Pictures

  • Drama Series

    The Americans (WINNER)
    Written by Peter Ackerman, Tanya Barfield, Joshua Brand, Joel Fields, Stephen Schiff, Joe Weisberg, Tracey Scott Wilson; FX

    Better Call Saul
    Written by Ann Cherkis, Vince Gilligan, Jonathan Glatzer, Peter Gould, Gennifer Hutchison, Heather Marion, Thomas Schnauz, Gordon Smith; AMC

    Game of Thrones
    Written by David Benioff, Bryan Cogman, Dave Hill, D.B. Weiss; HBO

    Stranger Things
    Written by Paul Dichter, Justin Doble, The Duffer Brothers, Jessica Mecklenburg, Jessie Nickson-Lopez, Alison Tatlock; Netflix

    Written by Ed Brubaker, Bridget Carpenter; Dan Dietz, Halley Gross, Lisa Joy, Katherine Lingenfelter, Dominic Mitchell, Jonathan Nolan, Roberto Patino, Daniel T. Thomsen, Charles Yu; HBO

  • Comedy Series

    Atlanta (WINNER)
    Written by Donald Glover, Stephen Glover, Stefani Robinson, Paul Simms; FX

    Silicon Valley
    Written by Megan Amram, Alec Berg, Donick Cary, Adam Countee, Jonathan Dotan, Mike Judge, Carrie Kemper, John Levenstein, Dan Lyons, Carson Mell, Dan O’Keefe, Clay Tarver, Ron Weiner; HBO

    Written by Arabella Anderson, Bridget Bedard, Micah Fitzerman-Blue, Noah Harpster, Jessi Klein, Stephanie Kornick, Ethan Kuperberg, Ali Liebegott, Our Lady J, Faith Soloway, Jill Soloway; Amazon Studios

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
    Written by Emily Altman, Robert Carlock, Azie Mira Dungey, Tina Fey, Lauren Gurganous, Sam Means, Dylan Morgan, Marlena Rodriguez, Dan Rubin, Meredith Scardino, Josh Siegal, Allison Silverman, Leila Strachan; Netflix

    Written by Rachel Axler, Sean Gray, Alex Gregory, Peter Huyck, Eric Kenward, Billy Kimball, Steve Koren, David Mandel, Jim Margolis, Lew Morton, Georgia Pritchett, Will Smith, Alexis Wilkinson; HBO

  • New Series

    Atlanta (WINNER)
    Written by Donald Glover, Stephen Glover, Stefani Robinson, Paul Simms; FX

    Better Things
    Written by Pamela Adlon, Louis C.K., Cindy Chupack, Gina Fattore; FX

    Stranger Things
    Written by Paul Dichter, Justin Doble, The Duffer Brothers, Jessica Mecklenburg, Jessie Nickson-Lopez, Alison Tatlock; Netflix

    This Is Us
    Written by Isaac Aptaker, Elizabeth Berger, Bekah Brunstetter, Dan Fogelman, Vera Herbert, Joe Lawson, Kay Oyegun, Aurin Squire, K.J. Steinberg, Donald Todd; NBC

    Written by Ed Brubaker, Bridget Carpenter, Dan Dietz, Halley Gross, Lisa Joy, Katherine Lingenfelter, Dominic Mitchell, Jonathan Nolan, Roberto Patino, Daniel T. Thomsen, Charles Yu; HBO

  • Longform - Original

    Confirmation (WINNER)
    Written by Susannah Grant; HBO

    American Crime
    Written by Julie Hébert, Sonay Hoffman, Keith Huff, Stacy A. Littlejohn, Kirk A. Moore, Davy Perez, Diana Son; ABC

    Harley and the Davidsons
    Written by Seth Fisher, Nick Schenk, Evan Wright; Discovery Channel

    Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le
    Written by Dianne Houston; Lifetime

  • Longform - Adapted

    American Crime Story: The People vs. O.J. Simpson (WINNER)
    Written by Scott Alexander, Joe Robert Cole, D.V. DeVincentis, Maya Forbes, Larry Karaszewski, Wally Wolodarsky, based on the book The Run of His Life by Jeffrey Toobin; FX

    Written by Bridget Carpenter, Brigitte Hales, Joe Henderson, Brian Nelson, Quinton Peeples, based on the novel by Stephen King; Hulu

    Written by Ben Robbins, inspired by the book The Madoff Chronicles: Inside the Secret World of Bernie and Ruth by Brian Ross; ABC

    The Night Of
    Written by Richard Price, Steve Zaillian, based on the BBC Series Criminal Justice created by Peter Moffat; HBO

    Written by Lawrence Konner, Alison McDonald, Charles Murray, Mark Rosenthal, based on the book by Alex Haley; History Channel

  • Animation

    “Stop the Presses” (BoJack Horseman) (WINNER)
    Written by Joe Lawson; Netflix

    “Fish Out of Water” (BoJack Horseman)
    Written by Elijah Aron & Jordan Young; Netflix

    “Barthood” (The Simpsons)
    Written by Dan Greaney; Fox

    “First Day of Rule” (Elena of Avalor)
    Written by Craig Gerber; Disney Channel

    “A Princess on Lothal” (Star Wars Rebels)
    Written by Steven Melching; Disney XD


  • Episodic Drama

    “The Trip” (This Is Us) (WINNER)
    Written by Vera Herbert; NBC

    “Gloves Off” (Better Call Saul)
    Written by Gordon Smith; AMC

    “I Am a Storm” (Shameless)
    Written by Sheila Callaghan; Showtime

    “Klick” (Better Call Saul)
    Written by Heather Marion & Vince Gilligan; AMC

    “Switch” (Better Call Saul)
    Written by Thomas Schnauz; AMC

    “The Winds of Winter” (Game of Thrones)
    Written for Television by David Benioff & D.B. Weiss; HBO

  • Episodic Comedy

    “Kimmy Goes on a Playdate!” (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) (WINNER)
    Written by Robert Carlock; Netflix

    “Kimmy Finds Her Mom!” (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)
    Written by Tina Fey & Sam Means; Netflix

    “Pilot” (One Mississippi)
    Written by Diablo Cody & Tig Notaro; Amazon Studios

    “R-A-Y-C-Ray-Cation” (Speechless)
    Written by Carrie Rosen & Seth Kurland; ABC

    “Streets on Lock” (Atlanta)
    Written by Stephen Glover; FX

    “A Taste of Zephyria” (Son of Zorn)
    Written by Dan Mintz; Fox

  • Daytime Drama

    General Hospital (WINNER)
    Writers: Shelly Altman, Anna Theresa Cascio, Andrea Archer Compton, Suzanne Flynn, Janet Iacobuzio, Elizabeth Korte, Daniel James O'Connor, Jean Passanante, Dave Rupel, Katherine Schock, Scott Sickles, Chris Van Etten, Christopher Whitesell; ABC

  • Comedy/Variety Talk Series

    Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (WINNER)
    Writers: Kevin Avery, Tim Carvell, Josh Gondelman, Dan Gurewitch, Geoff Haggerty, Jeff Maurer, John Oliver, Scott Sherman, Will Tracy, Jill Twiss, Juli Weiner; HBO

    The Daily Show With Trevor Noah
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    Late Night With Seth Meyers
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    The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
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  • Comedy/Variety Sketch Series

    Saturday Night Live (WINNER)
    Head Writers: Rob Klein, Bryan Tucker Writers: James Anderson, Fred Armisen, Jeremy Beiler, Chris Belair, Megan Callahan, Michael Che, Mikey Day, Jim Downey, Tina Fey, Fran Gillespie, Sudi Green, Tim Herlihy, Steve Higgins, Colin Jost, Zach Kanin, Chris Kelly, Erik Kenward, Paul Masella, Dave McCary, Dennis McNicholas, Seth Meyers, Lorne Michaels, Josh Patten, Paula Pell, Katie Rich, Tim Robinson, Sarah Schneider, Pete Schultz, Streeter Seidell, Dave Sirus, Emily Spivey, Andrew Steele, Will Stephen, Kent Sublette; NBC

    Documentary Now!
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    Inside Amy Schumer
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    Maya & Marty
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    Nathan For You
    Written by Leo Allen, Nathan Fielder, Adam Locke-Norton, Eric Notarnicola; Comedy Central

  • Comedy/Variety Special

    Triumph The Primary Election Special 2016 (WINNER)
    Written by Andy Breckman, Josh Comers, Raj Desai, David Feldman, R J Fried, Jarrett Grode, Ben Joseph, Matthew Kirsch, Michael Koman, Mike Lawrence, Brian Reich, Craig Rowin, Robert Smigel, Zach Smilovitz, David Taylor, Andrew Weinberg; Additional Materials by Ray James, Jesse Joyce, Jason Reich, Alex Scordelis; Hulu

    68th Primetime Emmy Awards
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    73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards
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    88th Annual Academy Awards
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  • Quiz and Audience Participation

    Hollywood Game Night (WINNER)
    Head Writer: Grant Taylor; Writers: Michael Agbabian, Alex Chauvin, Ann Slichter, Dwight D. Smith; NBC

    Written by John Duarte, Harry Friedman, Mark Gaberman, Deborah Griffin, Michele Loud, Robert McClenaghan, Jim Rhine, Steve D. Tamerius, Billy Wisse; ABC

  • Children's Longform

    Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas (WINNER)
    Written by Geri Cole & Ken Scarborough; HBO

    Dance Camp
    Teleplay by Nicholas W. Turner & Rex New and Cameron Fay, Story by Nicholas W. Turner & Rex New; youtube.com

    R.L. Stine's Monsterville: Cabinet Of Souls
    Written by Billy Brown & Dan Angel; Freeform

  • Children's Episodic

    “Mel vs. The Night Mare of Normal Street” (Gortimer Gibbon’s Life on Normal Street) (WINNER)
    Written by Laurie Parres; Amazon Studios

    “Girl Meets Commonism” (Girl Meets World)
    Written by Joshua Jacobs & Michael Jacobs; Disney Channel

    “Just Add Mom” (Just Add Magic)
    Written by John-Paul Nickel; Amazon Studios

    “Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer” (Sesame Street)
    Written by Belinda Ward; HBO

  • Documentary Script - Current Events

    "The Choice 2016" (Frontline) (WINNER)
    Written by Michael Kirk & Mike Wiser; PBS

    "Inside Assad's Syria" (Frontline) (WINNER)
    Written by Martin Smith; PBS

    "Chasing Heroin" (Frontline)
    Written by Marcela Gaviria; PBS

  • Documentary Script - Other Than Current Events

    "Jackie Robinson, Part One" (WINNER)
    Written by David McMahon & Sarah Burns; PBS

    "American Reds"
    Written by Richard Wormser; WPTS Dayton

    "Netanyahu at War" (Frontline)
    Written by Michael Kirk & Mike Wiser; PBS

  • TV News Script – Regularly Scheduled, Bulletin or Breaking Report

    "Muhammad Ali: Remembering a Legend" (48 Hours) (WINNER)
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    "Ambush in Dallas" (World News Tonight With David Muir)
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  • TV News Script – Analysis, Feature or Commentary

    "CBS Sunday Morning Almanac" June 12, 2016 (CBS Sunday Morning) (WINNER)
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  • Shortform New Media - Original

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    "Itsy Bitsy Spider" Episode 1 (Thug Passion)
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  • Shortform New Media - Adapted

    "Passage" Part 4 (Fear the Walking Dead) (WINNER)
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    "Under Siege" (The Strain)
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  • On-Air Promotion (Television, New Media or Radio)

    "CBS On-Air Reel," Written by Brian Retchless; CBS On-Air Promotion (WINNER)

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  • Radio News Script – Regularly Scheduled, Bulletin or Breaking Report

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