Met Gala: 10 Best Dressed Men

9:18 PM 5/6/2019

by Vincent Boucher

Ezra Miller, Jared Leto, Harry Styles and Billy Porter top off the list of campy men.

The skies overhead were gray, but for men on the Met Gala’s pink carpet, it was a gender-bending and spectacularly multihued celebration as the best men’s looks were anything but dull. If the guys in past years played somewhat second fiddle to the women’s fashion statements at the annual fundraiser for the museum, this year the "Camp" theme seemed designed to specifically foster male extravagance in almost every form.
There was Harry Styles in Berlin-esque sheer black from Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, who played yin to Styles’ yang, standing next to him in a welter of shocking pink silk bows. Pose actor Billy Porter didn’t walk like an Egyptian but rather reclined like one, entering on a litter held up by a crew of bare-chested boys, glittering in gold by The Blonds with a beaded headdress that rivaled anything Theda Bara wore in silent film epics.
Also wearing Gucci, actor and friend of the fashion house Jared Leto riffed on a moment from the fall-winter 2018 fashion show by accessorizing his red tunic dress with a matching mannequin likeness of his own bearded head. Benedict Cumberbatch looking a bit louche in his impeccable white suited (and hatted) best, a presumably campy look back at the days when England was a colonial power. 
Whether to tip toward the fey or the almost comically masculine was probably a dilemma for many of the male attendees, but actor Michael Urie split the difference in an ensemble that was half pinstriped suit, half a fluff of tulle, also courtesy of designer Siriano. In the best way, it underscored the spirit of the evening: why do men have to choose anyway?
  • Ryan Murphy

    Versace producer Murphy paid tribute to another legendary entertainer, Liberace, in a fully beaded getup that matched the Met’s blush-pink carpet. Even the details of the Christian Siriano-crafted ensemble were reminiscent of “Lee” at his 1970s best — down to the beaded butterfly bow-tie and oversize glittering cape collar.

  • Ezra Miller

    Miller also worked a gender-bender in a Burberry pinstripe suit that was half-skirt suit, half-trousers and finished off with a corset-like waist cage. But it was his surrealist face adornment that stood out from the rest, with multiple peepers. The eyes had it, but which ones were real?

  • Billy Porter

    Like the golden sun rising on the Nile, Porter conquered the pink carpet from aloft in a gold spangled ensemble by The Blonds. Spreading his sparkling wings, he revealed a similarly adorned catsuit, a Giza-by-way-of-Hollywood headdress and custom gold booties by Giuseppe Zanotti.

  • Darren Criss

    Criss glowed in his blazingly be-colored Balmain beaded jacket (that also seemed to recall ‘80s motifs of a certain other Italian designer, an allusion perhaps to his award-winning turn in The Assassination of Gianni Versace.) He took it to the next level by summoning New Wave London flamboyance with his blue eyeshadow and matching blue nail polish. 

  • Jared Leto

    Leto had his head and then some in a Gucci by Alessandro Michele flame-colored tunic in hammered matte satin with padded shoulders, front ruffle and crystal-strewn body jewelry. Accessories included white tulle gloves with crystal embroidery, a pair of glittering bracelets and, of course, the replica of his head by special effects wizards Makinarium.

  • Michael Urie

    In a custom Christian Siriano creation, Urie walked the gender divide in a half-male and half-female mashup that melded a metallic pinstripe suit and cascading pink tulle gown. “For Michael’s look I was inspired to create something that was playful,” Siriano said to THR. “He wanted to be his own date for prom! Designing for men at the Met this year was an honor.”

  • Dapper Dan

    Harlem’s own Dapper Dan brought a suave uptown style via his most recent collaboration with Gucci that he designed for the Met Ball. In a bright red silk shantung cutaway jacket and black vest embroidered with blue roses and cream ascot-style shirt, he exuded cool, down to his wraparound GG shades and black velvet and patent leather lace-ups.

  • Harry Styles

    Styles went for unabashed allure in a custom Gucci black organza shirt with a courtly black lace and organza jabot paired with high-waisted black wool mohair trousers, black patent-leather boots, and a single bee earring with cream drop pearl. Rings glittered from nearly every finger in a dazzle of gold, rubies, blue topaz, pearls, amethyst and diamonds.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

    Cumberbatch seemed to be spoofing his own British lineage with an all-white suit and matching hat that was somewhere between late colonial grandee and early Oscar Wilde. Cumberbatch’s emerald stickpin, gold watch fob and tasseled walking stick all drove the point home.

  • Jeremy Scott

    L.A.’s own Jeremy Scott worked a look from his Moschino collection that made him look like a punk in the best way (alongside Bella Hadid). His black tux was decked with all the trimmings, which in this case was yards and yards of Swarovski crystals.