Plumes, Pantsuits and Pins: 3 Hot Red Carpet Trends

6:00 AM 9/20/2017

by Jane Carlson

Expect to see more red carpet takeovers by these looks as they continue to gain momentum during Oscar season.

Kidman, Evan Rachel Wood and Lin-Manuel Miranda - Split - Getty - H 2017
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  • Plumed Dresses

    Feathers continue to take flight since Nicole Kidman wore Gucci parrots at the SAGs. At the Emmys, Laura Dern and Priyanka Chopra wore the trend.

  • Pantsuits

    Trousered ensembles are the gown alternative du jour, from Claire Foy and Evan Rachel Wood at the Emmys to Cate Blanchett at Comic-Con.


  • Political Pins

    Lin-Manuel Miranda was pro-ACLU at the Oscars, as was Elisabeth Moss at the Emmys, where Tatiana Maslany wore GLAAD’s pin.