5 Hot New L.A. Hangouts for Young Hollywood

9:30 AM 11/10/2017

by Ramona Saviss and Brian Porreca

Industry millennials still flock to Bungalow and Shore Bar, but fresh spots are supplanting those mainstays and ushering in a new club-kid era.

Girl at the White Horse - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Stephen Nolly

L.A. is known for an ever-changing nightlife scene, and what may have been considered cool a year ago is now a total snooze. Last year's hardest doors are now wide open as a new slew of Hollywood hotspots have popped up. Yes, millennials still flock to the reigning Westside mainstays for "daygers" (read: day ragers) or grab drinks with a view at Soho House, but times have changed. A night out in L.A. no longer has to include chatting up obnoxious doormen, or skin-tight Herve Leger dresses for women. (Psst ... it's time to throw out your old converse and turn up in some fancy footwear, guys!) It's also time to put down the vodka and order a whiskey or tequila — on the rocks, of course.

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  • Mama Shelter

    "It's a Technicolor dream world with one of the best rooftops in L.A.," says New Line executive assistant Victoria Palmeri, 29, of the space atop Mama Shelter, the Parisian retro-chic hotel. Sightings at the space within walking distance of the uber-popular Dream Hollywood's Highlight Room include a Stallone sister or two and revelers playing tipsy games of oversized Jenga. AwesomenessTV series marketing manager Nicole Porter, 27, recommends the sangria and ceviche. "It holds the right combination of pizazz," says ICM assistant Jimmy Martin, 26. Adding, "They don't take reservations, which turns most people off in this town, but I have found that walking in with an aggressive step can get you right in — just be careful not to piss off Mama."

  • Lono

    A favorite among top agencies, "Lono is the tiki-themed cousin to Bungalow that's become a go-to-first spot," says CAA brand coordinator Rob Greenspan, 24, of the bar that sits among souvenir shops. "It's solid for a group to share a Scorpion bowl and unlimited tots." Adds GSA music assistant Rebecca Luongo, 25: "It's unpretentious," not a hassle to get into, and has an unofficial no-douchebag policy.

  • Poppy

    "There's never a dull moment," says APA agent Joshua Rittenhouse, 29, of the spot that's ushering in a new club-kid era (it's also where THR threw its Next Gen event). It's a favorite for Drake (his dad is a regular), who celebrated his birthday there, Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber and Bachelor castoffs; you can spot a Kardashian at the adjacent Petite Taqueria. Interscope Records' John Ehmann, 34, says the space has "elite class and style" with Gucci-inspired decor, including velvet couches that invite dancing atop them. Open only on Fridays and Thursdays (the better night), the club hosts invite-only industry events on Saturdays, from Jeremy Scott's VMAs afterparty with Katy Perry to Matthew Morrison's Halloween birthday soiree.

  • The Phoenix

    “It’s a club location without club people,” says actor Glen Powell, 29, of the always busy but not overly packed bar (a reiteration of the shuttered La Cienega hotspot with the same name) without a douchey door policy. Powell, who recently rented the indoor/outdoor space to celebrate his birthday alongside Hollywood friends Chord Overstreet, 28, and Nina Dobrev, 28, among others, adds of the dimly lit bar where guests take to the dance floor later into the evening and order popular bourbon, scotch and cognac drinks: “It’s a bar with a lot of mirrors, but the people that go there aren't constantly looking into them — I like my tequila with eye contact.”

  • Girl at the White Horse

    Almost any night of the week, this east Hollywood bar (pictured above) is the "best dance floor in L.A.," says Universal Pictures coordinator Liam Berney, 25. "If it's not on your Instagram yet, you're missing out," he adds of the spot known for its pink decor and frosé (frozen rosé wine). Expect to run into regulars Emma Roberts, Kristen Stewart, James Franco, Diplo, the Weeknd and Lana Del Rey. To crash private events, flash the secret emoji at the door.