From Yoda Soda to Rey Boots: 5 Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

11:35 AM 5/3/2019

by Alexandra Del Rosario

Stormtrooper undies, APL x Lucasfilm sneakers, Jabba the Cocktail and more are in store for Star Wars Day on Saturday, May 4.

Courtesy of Disney

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Another May 4, another slew of Star Wars-themed products.

Every year, fans of the intergalactic film franchise celebrate May the Fourth, or Star Wars Day, in a variety of ways as a play on the phrase "May the force be with you." Many rewatch their favorite Episode and/or casually dress up as their favorite Star Wars characters for the day.

Star Wars Day being just around the corner, multiple clothing brands and restaurants have new products to help the film franchise's fans get their Wookiee on. 

From intergalactic cocktails at Los Angeles bars to practical costume replicas, here's what's in store for May the Fourth, 2019. 

  • APL x Lucasfilm Sneakers

    Come Saturday, Star Wars fans can purchase fancy footwear inspired by the highly lucrative film franchise. 

    Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) partnered with Lucasfilm to produce TechLoom Bliss running shoes, out Saturday ($350). 

    Fans can purchase the slip-on shoes in either beige or black, respectively inspired by the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. The sneakers will have a Swarovski crystal midfoot strap along with a Star Wars galaxy insole.

  • Jabba the Cocktail

    Jabba the Hutt may not be the most visually palatable character in the sci-fi franchise, but at the Hotel Palomar, he inspires a tasty cocktail.

    To celebrate Star Wars Day, Double Take at Hotel Palomar in Beverly Hills will serve its Jabba the Cocktail drink. A combination of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, amaro and bitter beer, Jabba the Cocktail is even served up in a Jabba the Hutt mug.

  • Po-Zu's Rey Boot

    In February, shoe brand Po-Zu released its Rey Boot in metallic silver linen ($217). 

    The boot resembles the sturdy footwear of Episode VII's protagonist Rey. Po-Zu's product boast a number of Star Wars features including a logo etched into the sole and a small Rebel Alliance emblem on the ankle. 

    The Rey Boot is part of Po-Zu's larger line of Star Wars-inspired footwear, which also includes sneakers displaying an orange and white BB-8 pattern and hightops with Kylo Ren's face drawn on the heel.  

  • MeUndies Star Wars Undies and Sleepwear

    Ahead of Star Wars Day, MeUndies dropped its freshest line of panties, boxers, onesies and pajama pants donning three different Star Wars-inspired patterns (from $45). 

    Part of the brand's Star Wars Disco Collection, the underwear displays red and blue lightsabers on one pattern, dancing Ewoks on another, and Stormtroopers showing off their best moves on the third. 

  • Yoda Soda

    Among other Star Wars Day cocktail offerings is a concoction from the Here and Now in downtown Los Angeles. The bright green drink takes on the likeness of Master Yoda.

    Mixologists stirred up a blend of gin, Kiwi Green Apple Red Bull, orgeat, lemon and celery bitters to create Yoda Soda. For a finishing touch, they top the drink off with a couple leaves to mimic the iconic character's prominent ears.