8 Hollywood Stylists Share Mother's Day Wisdom and Gift Tips

1:50 PM 5/10/2019

by Ingrid Schmidt

Fashion stylists Dani Michelle, Candice Lambert and Ilaria Urbinati.
Fashion stylists Dani Michelle, Candice Lambert and Ilaria Urbinati.
Tasia Wells/Getty Images; John Sciulli/Getty Images

Here’s to mom! Mother’s Day is fast approaching this Sunday, May 12. At a time when many last-minute shoppers are scrambling for cards and gifts, we thought it wise to turn to some top Hollywood tastemakers for eleventh-hour inspiration.

Beyond presents, it is often the sentiment (or an experience) that counts the most. So we asked eight stylists (including Rami Malek and Bradley Cooper’s stylist Ilaria Urbinati, Rachel Brosnahan’s stylist Jordan Johnson—who teams with Jill Lincoln—and Kelly Clarkson’s stylist Candice Lambert) to share style advice and fashion lessons learned from their mothers, some of their most memorable Mother’s Day gifts, and what they recommend giving (or getting) this year.

Cheers to a day dedicated to honoring all of the moms, god-moms, grandmothers, mothers-in-law and mom figures, who serve as the leading ladies in our lives.

  • Ilaria Urbinati

    Clients include Rami Malek, Bradley Cooper, Donald Glover and Ryan Reynolds.

    Style lesson learned from your mother: "My mom had the most amazing style, so my sister and I are constantly inspired by her old ‘70s photos –it’s a lot of tall leather boots over jeans or with dresses. I guess the lesson was to not follow trends but to stick to what works on you personally, what’s flattering to your silhouette, and to focus on the classics."

    Most memorable Mother’s Day gift: "Anything my daughter gives me is memorable especially if she made it. She’s only 3, so it’s usually a drawing or a hand-made card. They all go up on the wall."

    Favorite Mother’s Day gift pick: "Flowers never get old, especially from a really great unique florist like The Petal Workshop. I also really love a fresh brown paper-wrapped bouquet. I collect a lot of pretty vases and I like to cut the [flowers] myself and make my own bouquets and spread them out around the house."



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  • Jordan Johnson

    Clients include Rachel Brosnahan, Julianna Margulies, Kiernan Shipka and Jennifer Garner.

    Style lesson learned from your mother: "My mom taught me to have fun and play with fashion. As a kid, I remember watching her leave for work in her suits and she always looked chic but never boring. She stood out."

    Most memorable Mother’s Day gift: "I surprised my mom with a necklace a few years ago [by] Graziela Gems. She absolutely loved and hasn’t taken it off since."

    Fashion lesson you taught your mother: "Navy and black do go together!"


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  • Brit Elkin

    Clients include Emma Roberts, Lili Reinhart, Rumer Willis and Whitney Port.


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    Best fashion advice from your mother: "'Suffer for beauty.' It sounds shallow but, growing up, my mother and grandmother would always tell me this and now I say it. If I’m wearing an amazing pair of heels that go perfectly with a look but hurt my feet, I’ll suffer for beauty (lol). Another one is, ‘Be yourself.’ Combine the two and you get a super-fashionable combo."

    Favorite Mother’s Day gift pick: "Something special that’s embroidered or monogrammed. I travel a lot so I love an amazing personalized mom tote or diaper bag. It’s my first Mother’s Day! But I would say that the best gift I’ve received would be my son! He’s just 5 months now and was born on my birthday."

  • Jordan Foster

    Clients include Ashley Graham, Kate Upton, and Karolina Kurkova.

    Mother’s Day gift picks: "I have been hoping for a Jennifer Meyer ‘Mummy’ necklace ever since I got pregnant if I'm being honest! My husband is English and I'm hoping my son calls me ‘mummy’ with a little British accent. For a not-so-expensive gift, I'm hoping my sisters gift me one of their ‘Favorite Parent’ sweatshirts from their line with Suburban Riot....they're so cozy and I like to tell myself I'm the favorite parent anyway so I may as well promote it."


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    Fashion lesson you taught your mother: "To not get rid of her investment pieces—or I have tried to ever since she gave away a ton of incredible stuff from the '70s and '80s, an incredible python waist belt comes to mind! I shudder to think of the things she's gotten rid of in the past!"

    Most memorable Mother's Day gift: "It would have to selfishly be the one I received last year for my very first Mother's Day (I had my son, Otto on Feb. 5, 2018). It was a set of matching pajamas from Roller Rabbit: A blue hearts onesie for my then three-month old son and a blue hearts shorts set for me. My husband brought our son into our room in the morning with him dressed in the onesie and then gave me mine. I obviously cried a lot...and then forced my son to wear it as long as I could until it had holes in it from being too small."

  • Candice Lambert

    Clients include Kelly Clarkson and Our Lady J.

    Style advice from your mother: "My mother always said, ‘Pay for your feet.’ Basically, have great shoes on and your outfit will fall into place."

    Most memorable Mother's Day gift and gift on your list this year: "My sister-in-law April sent me a pendant keychain with my mother's sign-off in letters, 'Love Mom,' so when I miss her, I can always see it in her handwriting. I would love to get my daughter's name engraved on a traditional Hawaiian gold bracelet. It's a tradition in my husband's family."

    Fashion lesson you taught your mother: "Her circle of friends were always telling her all of these fashion rules...for example: not wearing white at certain times of the year, once you pass a certain age you shouldn't wear dark nail polish, if you wear leopard don't wear too much, etc. I always told her there are no rules in fashion - she should wear what she wants when she wants."


  • Dani Michelle

    Clients include Kourtney Kardashian and Edgar Ramirez.

    Best fashion advice from your mom: "Always be over-dressed than underdressed. It's important to look your best and to dress appropriately."

    Most memorable Mother’s Day: "When I was slammed with work and told my mom goodnight from L.A. on a Saturday, flew through the night to New York City to land and make her breakfast in bed and spend the day with her, and flew home Sunday night."

    Mother’s Day gift pick: "LED masks! Sometimes moms don’t have time to go get a facial, and this is one they can do at home and treat themselves."

  • Anita Patrickson

    Clients include Justin Hartley, Anna Paquin and Julianne Hough.

    Style lesson learned from your mother: "My mother is all about the aesthetic rather than the label. I love that about her. She finds these incredible pieces that are filled with a color she loves or a fabric she is drawn to, rather than just walking straight into a high-end designer store. She always wears pieces that you will never see anywhere else that are distinctly 'her'. If she finds a textile she loves. she will get a skirt or a pair of trousers made. You don't need to spend a lot of money to look and feel fabulous, just a little imagination and authenticity will do the trick!"

    Most memorable Mother’s Day gift: "The best gift I gave my mum was surprising her by jumping out of a box! My parents live on a farm in Africa and so I don't get to see them all that often. I usually fly back two to three times a year. A few years ago, I had a last-minute week free and so I hopped on a plane, my dad picked me up, and I went from hiding in a closet to being squashed into a box. My mum nearly had a heart attack, so I am not sure it's something I would do again! But it was such a fun special moment that we still laugh about!"

    Mother’s Day gift pick: "My favorite gifts are those that include an experience. Something that leaves you with a lasting memory; not just a 'product'. A year ago, I opened a custom sandal studio in West Hollywood, called AMANU. It's such a special experience, especially when you do it with someone else. You select from one of the 10, pre-designed styles, pick your colorways and then our in-house makers will craft your one-of-a-kind sandals the old-fashioned way: made on your feet (so they fit you perfectly) in around 30 minutes, while you sit back and have some tea or a glass of rosé. When you buy an online gift card or book an in-store appointment over the Mother's Day weekend, we are giving $50 off the 2nd pair!"

  • Adam Ballheim

    Clients include Lakeith Stanfield, Padma Lakshmi and Zachary Quinto.

    Style lesson learned from your mother: "I think most valuably she taught me that fashion should be fun and that there aren't any hard and fast rules to follow."

    Mother’s Day gift pick: "When it comes to gifts for loved ones, I've always been a firm believer in experiences over material objects. Whether that means taking a trip together, having a spa day, cooking together etc. I think setting aside time to spend with your mother, just you two, is often the best gift...We took a trip to Paris a couple years ago, just the two of us. To this day, that is my favorite vacation I've taken - exploring a city together where neither one of us knows many people was an amazing way to spend quality time together that we don't get enough of throughout the year."