Emmys: 9 of Stephen Colbert's Most Memorable Awards Show Moments

6:00 AM 7/26/2017

by Rebecca Cohen

From doing bits with Jon Stewart and late-night rival Jimmy Fallon to joking about Donald Trump, the 'Late Show' host, who will emcee the 2017 Emmys on CBS, has made a number of talked-about appearances at past ceremonies.

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert
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Late Show host Stephen Colbert will emcee the 2017 Emmy Awards.

This is Colbert's first time as host for a major awards show, though this is not his first time in the spotlight at one. He's presented and received a multitude of awards -- showing off his distinct comedic approach -- in the past.

Colbert, who has won multiple Emmys in the past, is also a nominee in multiple categories this year.

Will the host also be a winner? Will comedic partner-in-crime Jon Stewart, who's often joined Colbert for memorable show appearances, make a cameo appearance? What about a bit with late-night rival Jimmy Fallon, who once helped Colbert tackle Stewart to the ground and accepted an Emmy for The Colbert Report on Colbert's behalf after presenter Gwen Stefani mangled the pronunciation of the show's name?

Fans will have to wait and see. But as Colbert showed at the Tonys just this past June, the political comedian is likely to take aim at Donald Trump.

Peruse Colbert's hilarious award show past, in reverse chronological order, as you prepare for the 69th annual Emmy Awards, airing live from Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Sept. 17 on CBS.

  • Tonys 2017

    While presenting the award for best revival of a musical, Colbert took a dig at Donald Trump, fabricating a revival of a musical in Washington D.C., in which the main character is “totally unbelievable and the hair and makeup: Yeesh!”

    "It's supposed to have a four-year run," Colbert added, "but reviews have not been kind. It could close early. Best of luck to everyone involved."

  • Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2014

    Colbert introduced Glamour Woman of the Year honoree Mindy Kaling in a speech filled with jokes about Glamour, glamour and Kaling herself.

  • Emmys 2014

    The Colbert Report won the best variety series Emmy in 2014, although accepting the award was not as easy as it could have been. After Gwen Stefani mispronounced the show's name, Colbert had to share the stage with a defiant Jimmy Fallon who claimed there "must be a mistake” since Stefani said the name wrong. Fallon went on to give an acceptance speech on behalf of Colbert, who stood beside him and whispered in his ear the entire time. 


  • Emmys 2012

    Colbert, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Fallon held hands in their seats as they eagerly awaited hearing the winner of the best variety series award. But when The Daily Show took the prize for the tenth consecutive year, Colbert and Fallon wrestled Stewart to the ground.

  • Grammys 2010

    Colbert, infatuated with Apple's then brand-new iPad, asked the tech giant for one to use to present at the Grammys, a story he explained in an exclusive backstage interview. When he couldn’t find the nominees list in his breast pocket, he pulled out his new iPad and showed it to the crowd, calling out Jay-Z for not having one. 


  • Emmys 2008

    In the middle of presenting the Emmy for best miniseries alongside Jon Stewart, Colbert chowed down on some prunes, claiming that “America needs a prune!”

  • Emmys 2007

    When Ricky Gervais was not there to accept his award for best actor in a comedy, Colbert and Stewart decided to give the prize to friend and Daily Show alum Steve Carell. 

  • Peabody Awards 2007

    Accepting a Peabody award for The Colbert Report, the host, still bitter about his loss to Barry Manilow at the Emmys nearly a year earlier, thanked his cast, crew, and those who helped him with his presidential campaign. He added how “gratifying” it was to win this award because it goes to everyone on the staff and how he's honored to work with those people. 

  • Emmys 2006

    Colbert berated the audience, calling those in attendance "godless sodomites," before slamming reality TV, the subject of the award Colbert was presenting with Jon Stewart, as something that "warps the minds of our children and weakens the resolve of our allies." Ultimately, Colbert revealed what was really bothering him: He lost to Barry Manilow in the outstanding individual performance category earlier that night.  

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