Adele's 8 Most Quotable Moments From the Taping of Her NBC Special

7:00 PM 12/7/2015

by Ashley Lee

With her candid remarks and north London accent, Adele is funny. But not everything she told the Radio City Music Hall audience about music, motherhood and boyfriend Simon Konecki will make it into her NBC special.

NBC_Adele_Special_4 - H 2015
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

NBC_Adele_Special_4 - H 2015

Nearly a month ago, Adele took over Radio City Music Hall to tape a one-night-only concert – her first show in four years. It was Nov. 17, just days before her anticipated album, 25, would drop and eventually break numerous sales records. But it had also been only a few days after the Paris attacks.

With the televised event’s executive producer Lorne Michaels, Bill Murray, Donald Trump, Chris Christie, Daniel Craig, Bradley Cooper, Sara Bareilles and the Today anchors in the audience (and complete with a multi-lingual introduction by Jimmy Fallon), the “Hello” chart-topper emerged onstage in an embellished gown (and after a few songs, no shoes) and demonstrated the rehabilitating power of music, as the British singer shared an emotional tribute to France with a 19 track and noted her own personal journey since the breakup ballads of 21.

But don’t forget – Adele, with her candid remarks and north London accent, is funny, and kept the audience laughing throughout the 90-minute show. But not everything she told the audience about music, motherhood and boyfriend Simon Konecki will make it into the one-hour NBC special, as it also includes behind-the-scenes moments in the days leading up to the show.

So before Adele Live in New York City airs Monday, Dec. 14 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC, see the most memorable jokes and reveals she made while onstage.

  • "Obviously, this is gonna be on the TV, so don't pick ya nose."

    After opening with “Hello,” Adele expertly sang “Water Under the Bridge” from 25 and “One and Only from 21. Between these songs, she told the audience the funny remark about the NBC taping, and also noted that the gig was her first concert in four years – and, better yet, at Radio City, the final stage on her bucket list of venues she had always hoped to headline. It was a lot to handle, so she leaned on a now-signature onstage strategy: “I'm gonna take me shoes off, because I can't concentrate.”

  • "Don't you think it looks lovely when it was in the colors of France?"

    As Adele’s concert was just days after the Paris attacks, the singer took a moment to pay tribute to the city with “Hometown Glory.” Of the 19 ballad, the British singer dedicated the song about her hometown to “everyone's hometown” and powerfully delivered the track as images of the Eiffel Tower and other notable Parisian landmarks scrolled behind her. The emotional tribute concluded with the Radio City dome drenched in the red, white and blue stripes of the French flag. “We love you Paris! We love you very much,” she said.

  • "It's not Drake or nothing, don't get excited."

    To throw back to her debut tune “Chasing Pavements,” Adele told the audience that she had a surprise in store, but had to calm down the fanfare with the warning. Instead of a cameo appearance by another soloist, nineteen female string instrumentalists appeared onstage and were raised well above her head. It was no “Hotline Bling,” but it was a sight to behold.

  • "He's cool as f---, it's ridiculous."

    Adele then noticeably began taking more sips of tea and honey before debuting “All I Ask” from 25. “This next one, right? F---ing hell, it’s really high,” she admitted. “This might be my first and last time I do this.” But she couldn’t help but compliment the song’s co-writer, Bruno Mars, calling the session “the most fun I've ever had in the studio, honestly -- it's pure comedy, but you probably wouldn't know it from this [sad song.]” After the song, she laughed and promised that her vocals are better on the album – “As soon as I'm in front of you lot, I just shit myself, I love you but you scare me!” – and then gladly fell into the comfort of her most pop song to date, “Set Fire to the Rain.”

  • "I would rather have my long acrylic nails than show you."

    When handed an acoustic guitar, Adele felt the need to preface why she doesn’t normally play in performances. “I love my nails,” she smiled before strumming on “Daydream,” for which she “chopped my nails, and now I got potato fingers.” After requiring some assistance to the guitar strap over her hairdo and hitting an early snafus – “Oh well, that's the wrong chord straightaway,” she laughed – Adele played through the track to a ton of applause.

  • "I don't know any other moms in the audience that started sounding like a man when they were pregnant."

    Adele then performed “Skyfall,” her third time ever doing so for an audience (that included James Bond star Daniel Craig, no less). She recollected that she was 23 years old when she was asked to contribute a track to the twenty-third Bond film, and knew she wanted to be part of it when she found herself easily getting through the entire script, especially when she doesn’t usually read. “I just get distracted and I just start thinking of my life story, you know what I mean?” Upon recording, Adele realized that her vocal range was much lower due to her pregnancy, which is why the film’s track is composed solely of alto moments.

  • "I can't tell you how many babies."

    Adele got the most laughs of the night when she informed the audience of the countless women who have told her over the years that their children were conceived while listening to her songs. “I do make love making music!” she chuckled. “Thank you for taking my music into your lives, it's a big ask and I love being part of your lives.” But she then went into a more serious topic to introduce “Someone Like You” – which she first said was her last song, but “I'm still not comfortable with encores yet, so don't worry, this isn’t my last song.” Of the breakup ballad, Adele noted, “I don't sing this from the same place anymore,” and then proudly addressed boyfriend Simon Konecki in the audience. “This is the first show he's seen me do -- I love you, and I'm so glad you're here.”

  • "Someone gave me some crystals, so I'm probably gonna turn into a hippie now."

    After performing the nostalgic 25 song “Million Years Ago” – “All of a sudden I've become an adult without realizing,” she explained of the track – Adele thanked her fans for being patient throughout her hiatus, and being receptive to her return. “[Becoming] a mom is the best thing I ever did. Thank you for letting me have the time to be with my baby,” she said before singing “When We Were Young,” which was released just that morning and is her favorite song she’s ever written. Before closing with “Rolling in the Deep,” she grew teary and said, “I thought I did quite well by not crying until now!” and referenced the crystals. “I remember every moment of this show and I'll never forget it. I'm usually so nervous that I black out!”